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ABOUT Angela Consolo Mankiewicz

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz has two chapbooks in print, Cancer Poems (UB Press) and Wired (Aquarius West Press). She also has a first prize broadside brought out by AMELIA. Her poetry has appeared in many small/literary magazines including: Montserrat, Karamu, Lynx Eye, Orange Willow, The Temple, Hawaii Review, The Lyric, Chiron Review, Lummox Journal, Slipstream, Pemmican, ArtWord and Flash Point; her work was nominated for a Pushcart by the editor of Hammers. She has been the Contributing Editor and Regional Editor, respectively, for the small literary magazines Mushroom Dreams and New Press. Grummel, her childrens’ story book, was recorded by SHOOFLY, an audio-cassette “magazine.” She lives in Los Angeles.

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An Eye

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz

"Get ready for a read here that takes you through history from the Roman to the American empire, into the contemporary L.A. world full of all sorts of emotional highs and lows that capture realities that we all experience but never with such imagistic intensity, intuition and completeness. If Freud, Jung and Van Gogh had been poets....."
—Hugh Fox

The Girl Who Loved Armchairs

falling, onto a big, plush cushion, strong
enough to handle bold caresses from a girl
bordering lust; legs dangle over a curl
of cotton and wood, lips press hard and long
against a worn nap, or leather or silk;
she hugs her beloved with fledgling flesh,
she squeezes, rubs, rubs more, for that surefire rush,
the one mama will do her best to kill.

Will I be there again someday, if I’m alone
or because my body has closed me off
to deeper pleasures? will I say I’ve had enough
or will I squirm on a couch with a weary moan?

I’m told, love will outlast passion’s appetite -
then may it rage as it slips into that ungentle night.

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