Avra Wing's

Recurring Dream

Winner of the 2011 Pecan Grove Press National Chapbook Competition

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ABOUT Avra Wing


Avra Wing is a poet, a novelist, an essayist and teacher. Her novel Angie, I Says was made into the film Angie starring Geena Davis and James Gandolfini. Her memoir of recovering from a devastating accident, Doorway on the Mountain, was published by Online Originals. Avra’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals, including Hanging Loose, Michigan Quarterly Review, Apple Valley Review, qarrrtsiluni and New Madrid. She is a workshop leader for the New York Writers Coalition and an adjunct professor of English at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, New York, where she lives.

Pecan Grove Press

“A poet with this surname should be able to soar and swoop and, indeed, Avra Wing’s poems can take you to faraway places where 'it is always night/and we can neither arrive nor depart.' Yet she is grounded in the real world, a world that includes Chinatown shoe stores, Chicago jazz clubs and long-ago seventh grade classrooms; above all, the people who inhabit those places are viewed with compassion and a wry wit. She’s very good company: Ride along with her.”

—Robert Hershon

Recurring Dream

It is night. We are in the train station
of a small European town. The walls
and ticket booth are wood. The floor
is tile—black and white. Glass lamps
atop the benches glow yellow,
and you are shouting at me.

I have forgotten the bags, or dropped them,
letting them fall from my hands.
They crash on the hard floor, the locks
spring open, our things spew out
while the other travelers step around us
with looks of pity and amusement.

It must be that I did something like this,
something that will keep us here, frozen,
unmoving, in a place meant for journeys.
But were we to go on? Towards what?
Wakefulness? And where
were we before? Another dream?

Or was this our only stop,
this scene—your anger, my sabotage—
in an unnamed place
where connections can’t be made,
and it is always night,
and we can neither arrive nor depart.

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