Stunned By The Velocity (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-937302-03-0



ABOUT Carol Levin

authorpic Carol Levin’s chapbook, Sea Lions Sing Scat, was a semifinalist in Finishing Line Press’ 2006 open chapbook competition and was released by Finishing Line in 2007. Her work has been published in numerous journals and other venues including The Massachusetts Review, Third Coast,The Seattle Review, The Pedestal Magazine, issues #16 and #35 of the Cortland Review, The Comstock Review, Junctures Journal, Umbrella and The Centrifugal Eye. Poems were set as a choral work by composer Carol Sams and have been performed by various choirs. She collaborated with two Russians to translate Anton Chekhov’s four major plays. All four scripts have been produced. Ms Levin teaches The Alexander Technique in Seattle.

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Red Rooms and Others

by Carol Levin

ISBN: 978-1-931247-57-3


“The poems in Red Rooms and Others remind me of doors that sometimes appear in my dreams, opening on rooms I can’t believe I’ve overlooked. Here are our rooms, hyper-realized, shimmering with light, dimensioned with perfume and music—the opera stage at rehearsal, the abandoned breakfast room in a German hotel, the soul-chilling waiting room, the dark room warmed by a beloved voice on an answering machine loop. Carol Levin captures the essential in each. I’m haunted by these poems.”

Kathleen Flenniken (author of Famous)

Philosophy of Celestial Hierarchy

The argument scorches our friendship 
combusted by opposed theological
points of view while you quote:
A perfect quota of friction
generates illumination of insight.

I’m agitated by advice advocating
that I can chose to listen
and not make you
and the gasses of your sun
wrong, and me
and the calcium of my moon, right.

I have the choice
to learn from illustrious
teachers teaching
magnitudes of suns
and creations of moons,

citing birds as an emblem
distinct in character and quality
all rising and flying, some
feathers sweeping languidly outstretched,
some flicking prissy flaps,
urging me

in an ambidextrous dip of the wings
to agree that different realities
can exist at the same time
and all be true.

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