The Green Room

About Carol Coffee Reposa:

Perhaps because Carol Coffee Reposa spent her early years living alternately in the Sierra foothills of southern California and the coastal plains of Texas, a sense of changing place, inner and outer, looms large in her poetry. Reposa’s poems have appeared in such varied literary magazines as The Formalist, Blue Mesa Review, Southwestern American Literature, The Texas Observer, Blue Unicorn, Concho River Review and many other magazines.

Her first collection of poetry, At the Border: Winter Lights, appeared in 1989 and is now in its second printing. Winner of a Fulbright/Hays Fellowship for study in Russia, twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, she delights in travel, music, swimming, family life and the written word. James Ward Lee has described her work as “stunning.”

Pecan Grove Press

The Green Room
Carol Coffee Reposa


ISBN: 1-877603-59-7

For a Rose

I watch the lyric petals slowly droop
Into their death, the elegant long stem
Sway softly toward the earth. Their colors swim
Toward darkness (once a desert sunrise), sloop
Blurred in twilight, or a polished troop
Of weary ballerinas, each of them
Magnificent, despite their dusty hems
And aching arms, but eager now to stoop,
Remove their slippers, and recline in some
Soft armchair covered in the finest plush.
Their scent, still fresh, will linger in the vase,
A memory of one fine dance, one plum
Performance resonant with form, the brush
Of perfect footfalls echoing through space.


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