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Catherine Kasper is the author of Optical Projections, a chapbook of short stories (Obscure Publications, 2004). Her poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction have been published in numerous journals and anthologies including The Ohio Review, Chicago Review, Denver Quarterly, Leviathan and Is This Forever or What? (Greenwillow/Harper Collins, 2004). Her awards include a PEN Texas Award and AWP Intro Award, and a Writer's League of Texas fellowship. She is presently an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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A Gradual Disappearance of Insects
Catherine Kasper

"Catherine Kasper's poems ask the biggest questions—about memory and identity, about the puzzle of our human lives amid the vast ongoing variety of other species ("Coleoptera, snout beetle...blue jay, jack-in-the-pulpit") that we can, the poet insists, "learn to embrace." "I am here to wonder," Kasper quotes Goethe as saying—and wonder we do, at the delicious specificity, the wise nuance of this fine first collection."

— Wendy Barker

Small Migrations

She cannot dream faces with their features
under low ceilings dusted in turf smoke, a fist of buttercups
She leaves with wilted pages, pale watercolors
no one follows through thistled graveyards
He remains here, at the table where he smiles
because he cannot imagine anywhere else but
these children with their open hands and laughter
She’s too young to exchange childhood for this
ignition of simple matchsticks, dry tree limbs
that tease her with leaving voices, echoes
weeding desire from crumpled pages
fragrant as peonies, torn into the hearth under low ceilings
A father and his son asleep in the churchyard, dream the women
and children who left come to them now with open laughter
In their hands, turf clumps and falls, ignites a garden
where they die, waters the smoke that blooms
from this dream buried between featureless hands


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