Following his return from Vietnam in 1969, CLuster began his personal odyssey. Changed by his war experiences, he saw himself as a citizen of the world. From his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, he traveled to the Far East and Europe while in the Army. Cluster's poetry and other writings are the products of his worldview. Now an English teacher at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas, he has reachjed his Ithaca. CLuster continues to write, teach, and play golf.

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Revisions of Visions
Cluster R. Byers

"A cluster is defined as "a bunch or group of things" and Cluster feels he has grown into his name. Husband, father, grandfather, soldier, salesman, janitor, bowler, golfer, tailor, speaker, student, and teacher are all roles he has played on the stage of his life. The multiple personages, he feels, have afforded him the opportunity to see the world from many points of view. Cluster says, "I am one of the few people who is fortunate enough to love everything I do from the time I get up 'til I go to sleep. This vantage point gives me a great opportunity to filter life and put its residue into poetry."

Black Velvet Lovers

Two black bodies bang and blend,

boring each into the other, savagely

seeking sweet relief from mountains of

degradation, humiliation, condemnation

heaped upon them daily. Wrapped in arms

that glisten black and strong, are the arms

that carry and care for the white child,

while her child grows in her womb –

the warm, dark, safe womb – not

unlike the white, different as day and night.

In this quiet place, ecstasy explodes,

meshing breast, chest, and lubricating sweat.

Teeth clench while fingers turn to claws

gripping, vice-like, backs and butts.

And sound – the source, the throbbing,

pulsing piston, connecting, disconnecting –

works its way through teeth clenched

tight on the pillow they bite,

echoing through the still of night.

My god! my god! I’ve come.

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