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Award-winning Canadian writer Colin Morton has published a novel and eight books of poetry and has performed his work on film and CD, collaborating with jazz and new music performers and artists. A teacher and freelance editor, he lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

You can read more about Colin Morton at http://www3.sympatico.ca/cmorton/




Pecan Grove Press

The Local Cluster
by Colin Morton

ISBN: 978-1-931247-54-2 $17

“This is quietly bold poetry: simple statements line by line grow in strength to a wonderfully compressed metaphor for a sense of connection to place... There is an enigmatic quality to many of these poems; they become richer with repeated readings.”
—Stephen Brockwell               Poets.ca

“Long, lung-deep stanzas, short, poky ones, even prose poem paragraphs, Morton’s attack changes with every new piece, his sweeping sense of enthusiasm the only constant. He writes as if poetry actually had an audience, words flung out across crowded rooms.”
—Barry Dempster             Poetry Canada Review



Last week rafts of ice flowed by on the river. I watched a gull ride one partway, disgorging its catch and reswallowing at leisure while the riverbank drifted past. Today the wooden stairs down to shore lie under water. Tomorrow I may lose this path and need to take the long way home. Everything’s in question now.
      Days of rain and not only the river rises but with it an old dock from a landing upstream. Gray as death it bobs and turns in the muddy flow till caught against a piling of the bridge. Next morning the cars seem to cross on the surface of the water. Neighbors canoe from their doorstep. The gray dock’s a faint reflection wedged under the bridge, the water still rising.
       I inspect the basement for leaks, but the handyman says no worry. These old foundations, feet thick with concrete and rubble, may get waterlogged but never leak.


I wake from a dream
— cast adrift at sea — a bird
with bent twig in beak.

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