by Cyra S. Dumitru

ISBN: 978-1-93124758-0  $15

“What’s striking about this book is its quiet wisdom; what’s remark- able about it is that even when it looks at the horrors and losses of the world, it finds beauty. These are poems of redemption, of compassion, of a poet with a great and necess- ary understanding of what it means to be human.”

      —Hayan Charara,
author of The Sadness of Others and The Alcemist’s Diary

“There is a slow ebb of the natural world in opposition to the unnatural throughout the book that is truly captivating. I see an obvious movement from a universal mourning expressed through nature that evolves into a recovery. I can sense a hope for or expectation of this same sort of evolution, this healing for humanity as a whole. The repetitive biblical/spiritual and linguistic themes create depth and unity between the individual pieces, as well as root the work in history.”
—Leslie Plant,         St. Mary’s University almuna and poet, author of Twists of Time


Cyra S. Dumitru was born in The Hague, Holland and raised in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, and Cincinnati, Ohio. She received degrees in English from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1979 and the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1995. Her professional life includes residencies as a Poet-in-the-Schools as well as years of medical writing in Norfolk, Virginia, and San Antonio, Texas. A passionate swimmer, she currently works as a poet, author of memoir, and meditative essay.   remains is her third collection of poems, her second with Pecan Grove Press . She and her husband have two children, three cats and six acres of hilly land which they share with an abundance of Texas wildlife.

Taste of Desert in July, 2003

Flames ride the ridge,
tower through acres of pine,
rain ash upon the desert.

Smoke rises: a magnitude
that flattens sky and breath.
We wash the ash from our skin.

Fear lodges a charred thorn
inside our throats and we pray
for distance. Along the ridge,

moving through scorched ground,
strive the wildest of dreamers:
those who face this blaze,

unruly as gods, and
imagine containment.
Armed with back burns

and cascades of slurry,
they enter the heart of heat
this brightly roaring air

and hear waterfalls.





Pecan Grove Press


Cyra S. Dumitru is also the author of a second PGP book, What the Body Knows.

"Thick with a life all their own," these poems are as "well-schooled in touch" as the title of Cyra S. Dumitru's first collection suggests. What the Body Knows speaks from the "long lift" of painful memory, yet over and over it brings "hope to warm its wet wings by your side."

—Wendy Barker


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