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David Taylor teaches in the English Department at the University of North Texas in Denton. He has published poetry and creative non-fiction essays in such journals as ISLE, Southern Poetry Review, Environmental History, and Mountain Gazette. His latest book is Pride of Place: A Contemporary Anthology of Texas Nature Writing (UNT Press, 2006). He was selected as a featured speaker for the 2006 Texas Book Festival.

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Praying Up the Sun
by David Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-931247-50-4 $17

David Taylor is the naturalist of the human heart. His poems guide the reader to the very edge where words give way to the secret of the world.                —John P. O’Grady author of Pilgrims to the Wild (University of Utah Press 1993) and Grave Goods: Essays of a Peculiar Nature (University of Utah Press 2001)

No matter where David Taylor finds himself, in Denton, Flagstaff, or Spartanburg, he is always at home. For him, place always begins with location, but is much more in the end. He takes us by the hand down healing and cleansing waters. A poet, in every sense of the word, even in dry, rocky streambeds, he finds freshets of water that lift his spirit and imagination. Based on “blood knowledge” of place David Taylor’s poetry instructs, resurrects body and soul, rekindles love.                                       —Florence  Shepard
author of Ecotone (SUNY 1994)

Praying Up the Sun
                                                                                           (for Sunny)

She knows the routine,
sitting when I grab her leash,
holding her nose up to slip
the collar over her ears.

It was dark,
with few stars,
a waning moon off the western horizon,
and Mars bright in the east.

She runs with her tongue hanging out,
perking her ears at any movement
and knows the rhythm of running,
the pace of steps,
and being where she is is enough,
as best as I can understand her.

We slowed
              as we came

                             to the top of the hill at McKenna Park,
              the sun just barely above the oaks.
Sunny licked my hand,
nudged me to pet her.

I prayed then,
that I learn her,
appreciating and eager.


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