Ancient Music


Geri Radacsi has been a journalist, English teacher and corporate communication specialist. Currently, she is associate director of university relations at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain,CT. Her publishing credits include The Atlanta Review, ELF, Embers, Comstock Review, Connecticut Review, Connecticut River Review, MacGuffin, Potato Eyes, Santa Barbara Review, Rockford Review, the Southern Humanities Review, Plainsongs, Poetry Motel, The Sycamore Review. She has appeared in the regional anthology Our Common Voice: The Greater New Britain Poets. Her poem, “Musetto Cookies,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She resides with her husband and daughter in Farmington, CT.

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Ancient Music
Geri Radacsi


ISBN: 1-877603-67-9

"Ancient Music begins with the human body--in the flesh, in the Sistine Chapel, on the walls of caves, in archaeological digs, everywhere--and proceeds outward from it in all its beauty and vulnerability to make observations which are true because they are presented in dazzling language and gripping images. Ancient music indeed, yet Geri Radacsi's poems are as conmtemporary and inevitable as tomorrow."

—Brendan Galvan


The Pecan Grove Press Spring 2000 National Chapbook Competition Winner

Mayan Astronomer at El Caracol

His interior is a small stairway,
like a snail spiraling upward.
His exterior is all eyes
fixed on the heavens
puzzling the jig-saw and connecting dots
of the sky’s immense calculations.
Untethered, he sculls
into the glowing, soaring, milky screens
and sights his life, pulled outward,
skimming far elements.
Time unwinds in tier on tier of constellations,
the hunter, balanced scales, giant
bear, and from the dipper, he cools his tongue.
Clocking the stars intensely,
each night he catches the moon-disc.
Its reflection, possessed in his own eyes,
is even to himself
And the astronomer turns,
tightens into focus the chilly stars
inward. Ponders the time
and spaces of his own universe.


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