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H. Palmer Hall is the co-editor and director of Pecan Grove Press. He is also director of the library and teaches English at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas.

His stories, poems, and essays have appeared in various literary magazines, including Ascent, North American Review, The Texas Review, The Florida Review, Briar Cliff Review and many others. Books include: The Librarian in the University, A Measured Response, From the Periphery, poems and essays, Deep Thicket & Still Waters and Reflections on Publishing, Writing and Other Things.

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"Out of the wreckage of America's failed war in Vietnam, Palmer Hall has fashioned poems of quiet beauty and supple strength. There are no pretensions here, no posturing, but only the hard-earned wisdom of a gentle heart and a bedrock decency making it possible to believe that, in spite of everything, we still have reason to hope."

—W. D. Ehrhart

"I can't say it better than a Vietnam combat vet responding to one of Palmer Hall's poems on the Internet: 'Outstanding! Just outstanding!'"

—Jonathan Shay

"Palmer Hall's voice is as forthright and intimate as a first love affair or a last, lingering grief. His book's subject is the impact of Viet Nam on an American life, and his hope is that he can translate that jungle of painful images for the rest of us who were not there. There is nothing false or affected in these pages--only the undistorted news of the heart. From the Periphery is that haunting, that luminous."

—Charles Fishman

H. Palmer Hall's new book, Coming to Terms, was published in 2007 by Plain View Press.  This collection of memoiristic essays has been described by Jeanne Emmons, editor of Briar Cliff Review, as being "written in a clear, distinct prose with a dry wit and a refreshing absence of hype."  She adds that "these essays touch on racism, injustice, class snobbery and pure stupidity.  Hall's occassional swipes of malice are reserved for the rich, the powerful and the cruel; the pervasive impression is one of quiet kinship with other struggling humans."  Will Hochman, poetry editor of WLA: War, Literature and the Arts, says that "these essays reach deeply into the cultural zeitgeist and should be required reading for anyone interested in knowing oneself.  [He] not only describes his interior struggles and growth, but he offers intelligent signposts and guiding insights for his boomer generation and its children."  Edward Byrne, editor of Valparaiso Poetry Review adds that "these writings offer a familiar and friendly voice that always appears authentic and reliable in its storytelling, providing enjoyable and enriching reading."

To read a profile of the author (in The Texas Observer, January 11, 2008) and some of his books,

including Coming to Terms, please click here.

Coming to Terms is currently available through PayPal and through the order forms of the Pecan Grove Press web site. Please do check out other Plain View Press books at their website: www.plainviewpress.net

H. Palmer Hall's other books:

The first of H. Palmer Hall's six books, The Librarian in the University was published by Scarecrow Press (Metuchen, NJ: 1990). The next, A Measured Response was published by Pecan Grove Press in 1994 before he became a part of the press. His third and fourth books, From the Periphery: poems and essays (1996) and Deep Thicket & Still Waters(1999) were published by Chili Verde Press. Reflections on Publishing, Writing and Other Things was designed for those occasions when he is asked to speak to writers about publishing. To Wake Again, a collection of poems responding to the two Persian Gulf Wars, was published by Pudding House Publications in 2005. Reflections from Pete's Pond(2007) was just published for those people who have become enamored of the National Geographic Society's 24/7 live broadcast of a pond in the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana, Africa, and who, like the author, spend much to much time watching the animals come to the pond to drink. His next book, Foreign and Domestic, will be published by Turning Point Press in 2009.

All of his books are available from Pecan Grove Press.

Reflections from Pete's Pond

H. Palmer Hall




And FREE, read

Reflections by Moonlight from an African Pond

To Wake Again

H. Palmer Hall



A Measured Response

A Measured Response
H. Palmer Hall


ISBN: 1-877603-16-3

From the Periphery: Poems and Essays
H. Palmer Hall


ISBN: 0-9640612-4-4

From the Periphery: Poems and Essays

Deep Thicket & Still Waters

Deep Thicket & Still Waters
H. Palmer Hall


ISBN: 0-9640612-7-9

Reflections on Writing, Publishing, & Other Things
H. Palmer Hall


ISBN: 1-931247-03-x

Reflections on Writing, Publishing, & Other Things

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