ABOUT Jill Alexander Essbaum

Jill Alexander Essbaum was born in 1971 in Bay City, Texas. The author of Heaven, her work has been featured in journals both local and national, both secular and sacred, both well-known and rabidly obscure. Jill lives and writes in Auustin with her husband Axel and three amazingly spoiled cats.

Pecan Grove Press

Oh Forbidden

by Jill Alexander Essbaum

ISBN: 1-931247-29-3 $9.00

This collection of untitled sonnets is a marvelous blending of the sacred and the profane. Each sonnet leads to the next and amazingly and inexorably to the last in what is a profound exploration of the interior landscape through a sensual exultation of worship and spiritual metaphor. Oh Forbidden is a small classic of such explorations.



We’ve just this single hour, so let’s not waste
it ratcheting what cannot be repaired.
Instead, come here. Bury your face in my hair,
breathe me like a Pink. I’ll bloom, sure enough. Trace
with your palms, the concave hollow my waist
makes hastily under your thumbs. See, our despair
is quite like our desire: both, such sad affairs,
and poised to end poorly, in tears. With what grace
is left for giving, bereave (if you yearn
to) my breast. The minutes are menacing.
We shoot off as arrows, missing all marks.
Night slants into day. There’s pleasure yet to burn.
Though hardly a promise, it’s promising.
This vow we honor only in the dark.

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