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James Cervantes' poems have appeared recently in The Boston Review, North American Review, Quarterly West and other magazines. His books of poetry include The Headlong Future and The Year Is Approaching Snow. He is the editor of the on-line journal Salt River Review.

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James Cervantes


ISBN: 1-931247-02-1


Sometimes you want to take distance
and strip the signs from its long neck,
compress the deserts into a well
around the hyacinth, rake the mountains
into one simple pass, and make
those desolate white houses the block
you walk your dog around, so they toss
that moonlight back and forth
and don’t just swallow it
into creaking, warming rooms.

The neck is a connector, not an organ
unto itself, but it’s where the blade
was sent to sever head from heart.
Distance can be like that,
though blade and neck at once.
In this case, it’s something that looks
like a turtle, or an absurdly
crumpled map where one town
touches another, or the dark circle
where two people start a fire.


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