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In the Zone:
The Moby Dick Poems
John Gilgun


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“Critics have variously called his work ‘eloquent,’ ‘imaginative,’ ‘arresting,’ and ‘beautiful.’ His first book, Everything That Has Been Shall Be Again: The Reincarnation Fables of John Gilgun (Bieler Press, 1981) won multiple awards for its design and content, and the novel, Music I Never Dreamed Of (Amethyst Press, 1989), was nominated for both the Lambda Literary Award as the best gay novel of the year and the American Library Association’s Gay and Lesbian Task Force Award. Writing for The James White Review, Richard Hall comments that Music I Never Dreamed Of is a ‘quietly brilliant, flawlessly executed account of growing up gay in South Boston in the 1950s. We are back in the golden age of gay literature....’”

—from Jonathan Alexander’s “Introduction to John Gilgun” in The Rhino Poet, A Festschrift in Honor of John Gilgun (also available from Pecan Grove Press)


How Does Jeff Get the Necessary Grieving Done

If all you had was a harpoon,
the whole world would look like a whale.

How does Jeff get the necessary grieving done?
He says mind takes the shape of music,
That we ripen in time like sea lettuce
And that death is only smoke reflected in water.

Yes, mind invariably takes the shape of music,
Unless it assumes the shape of a whale.
Death is only smoke reflected in water.
And the moon has risen on a piece of scrimshaw.

Mind has assumed the shape of a whale.
Moonlight shines on planks of white cedar.
Harpoons are raised on a fragment of scrimshaw.
And Jeff has turned his eyes entirely inward.


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