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Venetia June Pedraza completed her master's degree in English Literature and Language at St. Mary's University in 2004 and is attending the University of Texas at San Antonio for a Ph.D. in English. She is the co-founder and director of the Get Creative summer literary camps and is an active participant and assistant coordinator of the annual Latina Letters Literary Conference hosted each summer by St. Mary's University and The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Porcelain Dolls Break continues the Pecan Grove Press tradition of publishing books by outstanding student poets at St. Mary's University.

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Porcelain Dolls Break
Venetia June Pedraza


ISBN: 1-931247-19-6

There are two streams of expression in June Pedraza’s poetry. One of these streams flows straight from the heart, a subjective voice that looks within with rare sincerity. Pedraza mirrors the inner turmoil of the self and of relationships with raw emotion and a keen eye, always ready to get to the core of existence, of that which makes us real. The other stream of her poetry belies a lyrical view of time, seasons, love and beauty, and here her words are carefully crafted to render the abstract in concrete form. To read Pedraza’s poetry is to see a frighteningly honest reflection of the human soul.
—Gwendolyn Diaz

Two Years Sober, and Still Fighting

It is creeping in again
Consuming my mind
The thought of it is racing
Round and round
Pulsing throughout my body
I am trying to push it away
Push it farther out of my reach
But it is coming on strong
I want it
I cannot think of anything else
Sober for two years now
Drug free
But now
it is consuming me
My addiction is taking over
Again it has crept in
I usually can tune it out
Turn the other way
But today
I haven’t been able
To get it out of my mind
I have stayed home
All day
Unable to move
Scared I will go
Right over to the bar
And try my hardest to score
Some coke or speed
What ever I can shove up my nose
As fast as possible
So my body doesn’t explode
Maybe if I just sit here
For a couple more hours
It will go away

Or maybe
I will cave in
And once again
Be an addict
A cocaine fiend
Always going going gone
Out of my mind
Most of the time.
I will breath
In and out
Count to twelve
And sit here
And try to push
This incredible craving
Out of my mind

I hope I can stay sober today.


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