Inkblot and Altar

by Laura Van Prooyen

ISBN: 1-931247-37-4



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ABOUT Laura Van Prooyen

Laura Van Prooyen was raised in a tight-knit Dutch community just outside of Chicago. Since then, she has lived in the Midwest and Austin, Texas. She studied at Purdue University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has worked as an editor, teacher and mentor with incarcerated youth. Currently, she lives in Illinois with her husband and three young daughters. This is her first book.

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ABOUT Inkblot and Altar

by Laura Van Prooyen

Laura Van Prooyen’s combination of a delicacy of language and daring metaphor is dazzling. These poems are sexy, sensual, and sly. —Richard Shelton, poet
The Tattooed Desert, All The Dirty Words, and Desert Water, as well as a memoir, Going Back To Bisbee

These poems lie somewhere between the body and the spirit, the tangible and fleeting intangible. The juxtaposition of what is holy and what is sensual heightens the tension between faith and questioning.
—Marian Haddad, poet
Saturn Falling Down and Somewhere between Mexico and a River Called Home



Inkblot and Altar

She must wash, always, both
hands. Saline dropped

into just one eye is never right.
It’s like the Taj Mahal or maple

leaf. Spider web and starfish.
She believes in symmetry. Dragonfly.

Snowflake. An opened book.
Harmonious halves: W, X and Y.

She cannot let go of mountains
mirrored in the pond. Nevermind

the lopsided sag of her own down-
turned lip. Her librarian’s lazy eye.

On the sidewalk a dog is dragging
its withered hind leg. The cathedral

has a chipped facade. Even Christ
she sees hanging, head drooped to one side.


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