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In addition to being a daughter, a mother, and a wife, Leslie Plant is a graduate of St. Mary’s University’s English Literature program. This book is one of the many prayers which God has seen fit to grant her. Leslie intends to continue writing and praying in the hopes of crafting a career from the bones of both.

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Twists of Time
by Leslie Plant

ISBN: 978-1-931247-62-7 $7

“In Twists of Time, Leslie Plant has the courage to confront vulnerability—her own as well as that of family members, and of children abandoned to the sex trade—with startling images and deep emotional strength. These well-crafted poems stir the conscience as they investigate, articulate and define complex relationships through powerful metaphors. They unsettle with their piercing vision even as they often sing with nuanced music of near rhymes and graceful rhythms. Yet, in the end, the speaker leads the reader toward joy, believing as she does in the full “Cathedral of Being.” I believe that this collection is just the beginning of a luminous career in poetry for Leslie Plant.”

Cyra S. Dumitru, author of remains

Painted Man

The painted man in my bed
wears demons on his skin,
scavenges my narrows
for wounds left to lick.

He enters me through archways
I did not know were there.
Some scent of home draws him,
feeds him, keeps him here.

He swells and extends
like arteries through limbs.
I am heavy with him.
He sleeps in the Cathedral of Being.




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