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Margie M. Roe was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, with roots deep in Methodism, but was always interested in her mother’s stories of life as a Catholic at St. Theresa’s Academy in San Antonio. While working on her M.A. in English at S.M.U. in the sixties, she became influenced by the thought coming out of Perkins School of Theology. She eventually married a Methodist minister. Such background has led to an interest in the God-question and reading in existentialism, feminism, process theology, and Eastern religions.
      She has been published in such journals as The Christian Science Monitor, The Christian Century, Windhover, and The Texas Observer. Roe’s work has appeared in several anthologies. Her first book of poems, Flight Patterns, was published in 2003 by River Lily Press.

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Call and Response



Writing of Margie McCreless Roe’s first book, Flight Patterns, Naomi Shihab Nye said that Roe’s “finely crafted, carefully-perceived poems call us to full attention, restore a precious balance in our seeing and listening. They infuse and sustain.” Call and Response, Roe’s second collection of poems, does just that.  Whether she is speaking of a young boy’s first experience with the wildness of nature or a restaurant with a misspelled sign that reads “God Eats Café,” Roe’s eye focuses on what is transcendentally important in our lives. This is not pop spirituality nor conforming religiosity, but a poetic response, wittily wry and probing, to the daily lived sense of the divine in all of us.

Waves Under Me

“No day will be without its movement.
Like the waves of the sea under me. . . .”
—Virginia Woolf

This constant shifting—
one works hard to walk on steady feet.
It takes so little to tilt the world
one way, then the other—

an obituary, the moon’s silence above
city lights, a meal on the table
finished, a song your parents loved,
cross words quivering in the room,
a winter highway, the spill of goods
upon the counters of a store,
a bird call you do not recognize
or one you do.

You need sea legs to get from
morning light to sunset, through an evening
to the lamp beside your bed.

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