Wildflower. Stone.

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ABOUT Marian Haddad
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Marian Haddad was born and raised in the West Texas desert town of El Paso. Her first chapbook, Saturn Falling Down, was compiled at the request of Texas Public Radio in correlation with their Hands-On Poetry Workshops. Her first Pecan Grove Press, Somewhere Between Mexico and a River Called Home, is currently in its fifth printing. Her poems and essays have appeared in many literary journals and anthologies. She has taught creative writing at Our Lady of the Lake University and Northwest Vista College as well as many other poetry workshops.


"Marian Haddad's new collection, Wildflower. Stone., celebrates the observable mysteries of daily existence, as well as moments of incorporeity. These poems have dropped all disguises, and each rides the pure joy of music, letting meaning happen as the images accrue. We can trust Wildflower. Stone. There are superb leaps and silences that deftly highlight the monumental in simple things."

—Yusef Komunyakaa



Pecan Grove Press

Somewhere Between Mexico and a River Called Home


ISBN: 1-931247-16-1

“Marian Haddad’s unique poetic voice speaks to me personally because it captures so many elements that are very dear to me: the desert Southwest, the crucible of family, health and its absence, the mysteries of the body, and borders both metaphorical and real. This is a wonderful collection that evokes all the senses and it lingers on after you have read the last poem.”
—Abraham Verghese, author of My Own Country and The Tennis Partner

“Marian Haddad writes with earthy elegance. Her poems are honest, striking, potently alive. The richly mixed gravitational pulls—she was born of an immigrant Syrian family and raised in El Paso in the confluence of Texas, Mexico and New Mexico—create a savory brew of elements and images. ‘Take care of your body,’ an ailing relative urges his family. These tender/powerful poems urge us all, take care of your land and love for one another. They are your blessing and your pain. Here is a magnetic voice charged like a lightning sky over desert mountains.”
Naomi Shihab Nye, poet, essayist, anthologist


Video produced by James Sanders, Jr. of Standarddefinition.net. The video appears in The Huffington Post, February 17, 2011.


Gruene, Texas
at the River

I came here because
I know this place—because
I have been here before,
and I know where the river
ends—I sit by the part
where it foams
white above rocks—three
stumps reach far down into this
river—and there, across
from me, one seems to be
growing right out of cliff,
right out of rock. It leans—
graceful sway of trunk—it has
somehow found its leaning
comfortable, a sideways growing—
if something stays bent
long enough—it assumes its place
gracefully—learns to live
with that



Visit Marian Haddad's own web site at http://www.marianhaddad.com

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