Messages from Verdante


Mim Scharlack gave her first public performance at age three. her entire life has been spent practicing or performing something! The media of her artisitic expression include: professional handbalancer, ice skater, dancer, folk singer, sandalmaker, calligrapher, visual artist and drummer. In short, Mim is a dilettante! She is currently a poetry-percussion performance artist, who appears at colleges, bookstores, theaters, coffee houses and birthday parties in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. 

Pecan Grove Press

Messages from Verdante
Mim Scharlack


ISBN: 1-877603-56-2


She is becoming invisible
shrinking, melting, disappearing
like the Wicked Witch of the West

This witch has gray hair, wrinkles
sagging, dragging in places
formerly firm, upright
She drives an old Honda
hates loud music
can't program her VCR
would rather read than watch TV
prefers company of animals
to that of some humans

People often look through her
around her, pretend not to see her
Sees OLD, done, finished
used up, not worth my time
energy, attention or conversation

Should I talk to her?
She might have wisdom of experience
joy of living each day fully
psychic abilities
to look into my soul
and see my beauty
She is, after all, a witch

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