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Mo H Saidi is a retired professor and OB/GYN physician with a master’s degree in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard University. His first book of poetry, Art in the City, won the 2007 Eakin Memorial Book Publication Award of the Poetry Society of Texas. His novel, Persian Marchers is under consideration. He is Co-Editor of Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Poetry & Arts Magazine and has published numerous medical papers, essays, short fiction pieces and poems in local, state, and national journals and anthologies.

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The Color of Faith
by Mo H. Saidi

ISBN: 978-1-931247-79-5 $15

“Mo Saidi’s second collection of poems, The Color of Faith, carries the reader from the rooftops of Ahwaz in Iran to the plazas of Cuzco and to the Riverwalk of San Antonio. But the poems lead us on more than a geographical journey as they trace a variety of human relationships, both painful and healing. Vividly colored by Saidi’s own intimate knowledge of the Middle East, the poems offer potent observations about the tragedies of war. Saidi is a retired doctor, and his compassion for human suffering and endurance shines through every line of these moving poems.”

—Wendy Barker

The Echoes

The calls come unexpectedly
I draw the curtain and hide
behind the wall; a dark silence
fills the air. I only notice hissing
feathers floating in the bare room.

Then the calls come again
enter the hall, the windows
and penetrate my ears. Alas, I hear
them before dawn when I’m wide
awake, aimless and lonesome.

They come suddenly when I see the first
morning light; they are the howling
of my yesternights, the sobbing
of the youth’s smashed limbs;
the weeping of the defenseless child.

They shatter the peace, the quiet of the dawn
the echoes from the distant past; the lack
of joy; the dark veil falling over the valley
blocking the sun; its golden arrows
will never brighten the city’s alleys.

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