Straight from the Heart

by Norris White, Jr,

ISBN: 978-1-877603-82-2 $15

"There will be moments when life doesn't appear to be what you thought it would be.  These moments can greatly affect the one true perspective of life, which at one time or another we have all shared and embraced (the ability to view life through the innocent eyes of a child).  Whenever I feel the need to revisit my youth, I often return to rediscover my day at the beach."

ABOUT Norris White, Jr.

Norris White, Jr., is an alumnus of St. Mary's University's Upward Bound Program and is currently working towards a master's degree in history.  Norris has been happily married for 14 years and has two children.  He currently resides in a small town in East Texas.


Can You Feel It

by Norris White, Jr.

Our struggle has traveled very far
What have we actually gained?
I’ve questioned this exhaustively
I really need to know if America
Really can feel our pain?
Religiously, I try to abstain
Falling victim to social games
That are still being imposed
So clearly understand
That what I speak is true
For this I do know
That In order for me to grow
My pride can no longer be compromised
by hearing contemptuous lies
That your mouth cruelly invented
With the intent to cause me shame
At times I pray there is a way
that you
Could feel our pain…


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