A Time to be Born

About Olga Samples Davis:

Olga Samples Davis is known to many as an educator, playwright and motivational speaker. She is best known to most as a wellspring of encouoragement with a "can do" attitude. Reaching is her rule. She uses her artistry to bring others to the learning journey.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Olga Samples Davis graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and recieved her Master's degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She currently teaches at St. Philips College.

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A Time to be Born
Olga Samples Davis


ISBN: 1-877603-09-0

A Matter of Choice

She had mastered
Many of the
Good old ways . . .

The churning of butter
The making of soap
Storytelling and nickel bargaining
Some fiddling and pickling
Candlemaking and quilting
Front porch rocking and crocheting
Preserving and canning.

And of course
She came to know
A laying on of hands
Amazing grace
And broom jumping.

All but the last
Saved her.

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