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ABOUT Pablo Lopez del Castillo

Pablo Lopez del Castillo was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and has published more than a dozen poetry books and reflections. He has been awarded the American Eagle Award as the most outstanding performer of poetry in Mexico. This bilingual edition of Memorial del Viento by Orchard Press is his first book publication in the United States.

Pecan Grove Press

Memorial del Viento

by Pablo Lopez del Castillo

"P.L. de Castillo, 'stages poetry performances and avoids other jobs for he believes--just as the poet in a French film--that working is just for the ones who don't have anything else to do.'"

--Jaime Sabines

The Word Is Man




phrases and sentences.

Tools to stop time.


In the end a phantom

time travels through the ages.

It knows that in silencing Man

it multiplies itself

to propitiate the route

of an endless war.


The word is Man

and time is his lament.

A babble

is life's first word

to describe the infinity and myth of time.

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