the skies here


Rachel Barenblat lives and writes in Williamstown, MA. She is an assistant to the artist Jenny Holzer, and she is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing and literature at the Bennington Writing Seminars. Recent and upcoming poetry publications include The Berkshire Review, The Jewish Women's Literary Annual, Mobius and the New Orleans Review. When not writing, she bakes a lot of bread and enjoys hanging around her refurbished New England barn.

Pecan Grove Press

the skies here
Rachel Barenblat


ISBN: 1-877603-31-7

Sunday shuts down

Above a hundred Texas lakes

the skies are spread with cloud,

streaked and dimming.


Time has closed its grubby

fist on this twilight:

a little boy, scratched knees and

muddy feet, clenching nine

o'clock still in his hands.


The children pause, conscious that

(like the grownups talking quietly

in the air-conditioning)

they are growing older.


A firefly in a jar winks on,

winks off.


Fresh-cut grass knows

the same stillness: fragrance remains

after resilience has gone.

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