Slow Mud

About Sandra Gail Teichmann

Sandra Gail Teichmann was born and grew up in Salida, Colorado. She received her B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, her M.F.A. in Writing from Vermont College, and her Ph.D. in English from Florida State University. She teaches literature and writing at West Texas A&M University and lives and writes in Canyon, Texas.

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Slow Mud
Sandra Gail Teichmann


ISBN: 1-877603-55-4

"Sandra Gail Teichmann is a truly amazing poet! I read her work in wonderment and gratitude."

—Naomi Shihab Nye

"Sandra Gail Teichmann is a highly originalpoet, rather astonishing in her honesty; she looks quite directly at experiences of discomfort, of alienation, of a sense of disconnection, and renders these emotions in unexpected ways. Her poems are frequently disturbing, and seem to take little as a given; she looks at each subject she examines with a kind of deadpan wonder."

—Mark Doty

Note to the Model

I’ve gone to collect the tools:

for your buttocks, back, and cheek,
to dip in blackest ink,
I’ll find a raven’s quill;
for your cracked heel, a cleft bamboo.

Your wormy hair I’ll define with
sepia-soaked cedar bark,

and for a line of bistre
around your chest, lined to neck,
I’ll look for bristle blade,
a yucca fiber chewed of juice.
In that space between your toes,
I’ll line pressed charcoal
with hooked pine petals
pulled from the cone.

For your textured skin, I’ll dab
with root of plant,
and then your visceral part
I’ll want to clarify
with aerial picture made relief:
the rabbit’s run, coyote’s scat.

To record your eyes and what you hear,
I’ll need light, vellum scratched
to texture white. And to your nose,
I’ll draw a violet wave.
I’ll find cactus spine for stipple
in your shadow’s darkest tone,

river pebbles to drop a middle line,
and for a mass of wash, I want to roll
eroded edge of rock.

Could you bring your stool,
come back at seven—evening light?


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