Through the Window is St. Mary's University student Eric J. Cruz's first collection of poems.

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Through the Window
Eric J. Cruz


ISBN: 1-931247-08-0

"It is rare to find such depth of feeling, insight and commitment to poetry in one as young as Eric Cruz. Already he understands that the life of a poet involves great joy and hard work, inspiration and discipline. Eric listens long and keenly to hear each poem as a singular creature. This first book resonates with a voice already distinctive and accomplished: rich with clarity of image, complexity of thought and a musician's careful ear.”

—Cyra S. Dumitru, author of What the Body Knows

“ ‘Look out with me / at a space time forgot / to suture...’ is the perfect invitation to the poetry of Eric Cruz. Go into his poetry and you inhabit open, timeless vistas, whether they be interior or exterior landscapes.”

—James Cervantes, author of Live Music, The Headlong Future and The Year Is Approaching Snow

Gifts Upon Your Passing
In Memory of Father John Rechtien

Only memories see
your wide heart lost in
the ground. And I
remain looking, looking
for a man buried.

In my hands
rest your glasses
memories of what a grave
did to your eyes:
Quiet on your back, closed
eyes leaned a crease
across your face.

Your books left in a pile
opened with red ink
drying for years. Pity
me, holy man, in the effort
to read everything with red
to understand nothing but red
ink drying on a page.

That picture of you
black and white on the bench
smiling at the world.
Now shut off
my eyes blessed with a body
to pierce—
your image is just beyond
a blur.

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