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Pecan Grove Press is not currently reading manuscripts! Please revisit this page to find out when we start reading again. This hiatus is caused by a current backlog in getting books out and is not an indication of problems at the press. For now ALL new submissions will receive a "rejected" notice.

When the press does resume reading, it will no longer be considering manuscripts coming through the mail. ALL submissions must be made through our on-line submission manager.

To submit manuscripts electronically, please go to our on-line submission manager. NOTE: we are NOT currently reading manuscripts.



A reminder:  we do not require a reading fee except for our annual chapbook competition.

While we publish chapbooks outside of our competition, we do have a national chapbook competition that requires a $15 fee.  The deadline for that varies, so do check our competition guidelines.   Everyone who enters the competition receives a copy of the winning chapbook.   Before submitting a chapbook manuscript, please do two things:

1.  Go to the chapbook competition guidelines at http://library.stmarytx.edu/pgpress/contest/index.html and read the guidelines carefully, and

2.  Go to my blog site to get some useful information about what I think a chapbook should be and do:  You can find it at Pecan Grove Press and Me.  Feel free to comment on anything in the blog.

We are not at all certain that it helps to read a magazine thoroughly before you submit a manuscript to it, nor do we suggest that you should purchase one of our books prior to submitting to PGP.  Each of our books is an individual work of art by a poet and we hope it does not resemble any of the others.  If you emulate one of those books, your chances of having your manuscript accepted are probably going to be diminished instead of improved.  We think you should buy one (or even a complete set) of our books because you love poetry and not because you think you will learn some arcane secret that will improve your chances of having a PGP book.  We happily publish books by poets regardless of their race, gender or other individual characteristics.  Unfortunately, we rarely have time to comment on our response notes to poets.

About our publication terms:

If we offer to publish your manuscript, the following will be contractual requirements:

—First, under no circumstances will we discuss with a poet the possibility of publishing her or his manuscript in advance of our formally accepting it for publication.  In other words, do not call or email to “pitch” a book.

—Email submissions will not be read. Use the On-Line Submission Manager.

—You will need to assign all rights to the book to Pecan Grove Press unless the press allows the book to go out of print for a full year.  At that point rights in the book (but not the book cover) may revert to the poet should she or he request them and the press not offer to reprint.  Individual poems in the book continue to belong to the author, but the press requires acknowledgment in any future publication of individual poems that appear in the book.

— Pecan Grove Press does not and will not negotiate to pay advances.

— Pecan Grove Press authors will receive five (5) free copies of their books unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.

— Pecan Grove Press authors may purchase additional copies of their books at their standard 50% DISCOUNT.
PGP no longer offers royalties (few poets ever received them) but feels the deep discount will allow poets to earn from their books more than the phantom promise of royalties.

— Pecan Grove Press will not ask poets for subventions nor should you offer to pay to have Pecan Grove Press or any other press publish your book.

— We welcome submissions from authors from all over the world.  To date, we have published writers from Canada, the United States, France, and Mexico.  Unless a reputable translation can be supplied with the manuscript, the press cannot consider non-English language poetry. 

—Reply to United States submissions will be via the on-line submission manager. 

— We will not pay permission fees. If your poem was published in a review that requires such fees, you must either pay it yourself or ask, in writing, that the fee be waived. All permission documents (in print) must be sent to Pecan Grove Press.

— If you do not hear back from us within four months, please feel free to make an email request for information. Postal queries will not be responded to.

— We will not respond to queries about why a manuscript was rejected.

— We will do our best to work with poets on cover designs, but the final decision is ours.

— We do not have an advertising budget and will be unable to promote your book other than sending review copies and flyers out.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read all this carefully.   If you intend to submit a manuscript, be aware that we can publish about 1% of what we receive and that we receive them ONLY through the On-Line Submission Manager.

If all this seems less than kind, please do be aware that Pecan Grove Press remains a non-profit corporation and pays neither its editor nor its business manager. You will, by purchasing at a 50% discount and reselling your books at full price, earn vastly more than does either of the two people who make the press and your books happen.


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