St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library, formerly known as the Academic Library TexShare Partnership

Library Support from TexShare and TIFB

St. Mary's University Blume Library receives a tremendous amount of support from the TexShare organization. TexShare is a library partnership that is dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of library expenditures. The Blume Library benefits from TexShare via the ability to access the many expensive databases TexShare provides to Texas libraries, including, but not limited to, Academic Search Complete, Literature Resource Center, Business Source Complete, and many others. For a full list, see the TexShare Core Databases Collection.

The Blume Library could not make even a fraction of these resources available if we had to purchase them on an individual basis. TexShare makes these databases available to our campus at an average cost of $217 per database. To license the databases individually would cost the Blume Library a minimum of $170,000 and costs per year could go as high as $900,000.

The Blume Library also participates in the TexShare Card program which enables St. Mary's students to check out books directly from other participating libraries. To obtain a TexShare card, ask at the circulation desk, and please view the list of participating libraries.

TexShare also sponsors a courier service that provides five day-a-week pickup and delivery service to participating libraries, with deliveries around Texas in two days. This service enables the Blume library to provide much faster inter-library loan service than when we were dependent on the U.S. Postal Service. Postage costs have also been reduced for the library.

The Blume Library gratefully acknowledges the support of this organizations.

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