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Petsmart Charities grant

    Petsmart Charities awarded a $30,000 grant to the Animal Welfare Society to spay/neuter/vaccinate free-roaming cats in the 78228 zip code. Through our participation in this grant, For Paws sterilized and vaccinated 97 neighborhood cats during the period of November 29, 2010 to May 31, 2011. Our thanks to Petsmart Charities and the Animal Welfare Society for including us in this grant.

    Marque, Etta,and Brown Sugar were rescued on 11/29/10.

    Patches 2, El Tigre, Amber,Hazel and Sissy were rescued on 12/2/10.

    Tinker, Belle, Dosha,and Maya, were rescued on 12/6/10.

    Max was rescued on 12/7/10.

    Chedder, Cheeto, and Scarlet were rescued on 12/10/10.

    Diego was rescued on 12/13/10.

    Angel and Sassy were rescued on 12/22/10.

    JJ and Oliver were rescued on 12/23/10.

    Little Boy, Little Mama, Ping, Pong, and Little Girl were rescued on 1/4/11.

    Pepe and Pixie were rescued on 1/5/11.

    Thunder and Storm were rescued on 1/6/11.

    Cha Cha, Cutie Pie, Tawny. Ginormous, Pixel, and Tango were rescued on 1/10/11.

    Tank, Weasel, and Licorice were rescued on 1/27/11.

    Giggs and Boots were rescued on 1/28/11.

    Ander, Dusty, Octomom2, and Panther were rescued on 1/31/11.

    Domino, Mija, and Siam were rescued on 2/1/11.

    Mr. Big Andrea, and Orange were rescued on 2/7/11.

    Georgette and Snowball were rescued on 2/14/11.

    Jojo, Mama T, Ninja 2, Slugger, and Turtle were rescued on 2/21/11.

    Quilty and Quincy were rescued on 2/25/11.

    Bobo and Patchwork were rescued on 2/28/11.

    Big Mama, Flame, Golden Eyes, Sherbert, and Warrior were rescued on 3/7/11.

    Tomas, Georgie, Lemon, Mom, and Scrappy were rescued on 3/10/11.

    Buster, Myrtle, and Speedy were rescued on 3/22/11.

    Tortimom was rescued on 3/28/11.

    Oscar was rescued on 3/29/11.

    Havana was rescued on 3/30/11.

    Peaches was rescued on 4/18/11.

    Flaca and Mija 2 were rescued on 4/25/11.

    Madeline was rescued on 5/3/11.

    Baby, Mama Gray, Petey, and Slugger 2 were rescued on 5/12/11.

    Baby Boy and Nosy were rescued on 5/13/11.

    Brownie 2 was rescued on 5/20/11.

    Myrtle 2, Simba, and Dexter were rescued on 5/23/11.

    Reba was rescued on 5/24/11.

    O.T., Mama Tab, Mama Cal, & Leopard were rescued 5/31/11. They were spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and returned to their trapped location.

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