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April 2010

April 27, 2010
Subject: Meet Feisty

Good morning. Super cat spotter Danielle Adan saw this eight-month-old male tabby between the AACC and the tennis courts on Saturday night. Feisty was trapped Sunday, got the works at Blue Cross Pet clinic yesterday, and was returned to campus this morning.
Feisty is the 265th cat to go though our TNR program since 2003 and the 120th this fiscal year (June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010). Do the math, and you see that 45% of our spay/neuters were done in the last 11 months. It's been a very productive year, and itís not over yet...there are at least two houses nearby that have "Free Kittens" signs posted.
Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

April 19, 2010
Subject: Post Oyster Bake & Fiesta Button Sale

Hello. The campus cats made it through another Oyster Bake and the torrential rains. Like all of us, they're glad for things to get back to what passes for normal here, although Cien remains in party mode.
Thanks to our intrepid volunteers from the Blume Library and the Native American Students Association, we've made $240 from our Fiesta button sale! A big thank you to our volunteers from the Blume Library and the Native American Students Association and especially to our Director of Shameless Commerce, Pat Somach. We have one Devlin and three Thomasina buttons left; please buy now! This is our last fundraiser until Christmas.
Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

April 14, 2010
Subject: Spice Says

...buy a button! Fiesta buttons featuring the campus cats will be on sale in the Quad from 10 AM to 2 PM. In case of rain, the sale will be on the Blume Library's porch. Buttons are $2.00, and proceeds benefit our campus cats and our ongoing trap-neuter-return efforts.
And we have wonderful adoption news. The three little kittens, their mom, and the flame point Siamese we just got have all been accepted into the Petsmart adoption program. We are ecstatic and very grateful to Cindy Stooksberry and Denise Duchaine of Stray Cat Adoptions of Texas. And as always, thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

April 12, 2010
Subject: Button Sale and Yet ANOTHER Kitten!

Hi, folks. It's Fiesta time, so we're having our traditional button sale to support the campus cats. We have buttons featuring AJ, Bevo, Cien, Crema, Devlin, Little Buckie, Ringo, Ruth, Spice, and Thomasina, as well as the For Paws logo (designed by Br. Cletus.) Buttons are on sale now for $2.00 in the Blume Library and will be available in the Quad on Wednesday, April 14, from 10 AM-2 PM.
Also, we have a gorgeous male Siamese kitten available for adoption. Google "flame point Siamese" and you'll get an idea of how handsome Cotton is. He's about 6 months old, extremely friendly, healthy (combo test negative), vaccinated, and neutered as of today. This one is a real charmer; please spread the word.
Thanks for your support.

April 9, 2010
Subject: Teamwork Works!

Here's some good news. A woman living in the nearby Chaminade Apartments rescued a mother cat and her three kittens from a group of mean kids. The woman contacted Denise Duchaine, the director of Stray Cat Adoptions of Texas, for help. Fortunately, S.C.A.T. agreed to place the felines in their Petsmart adoption program in a few weeks as openings become available.
In the meantime, Denise needed to find foster care for the cats and contacted our own Cindy Stooksberry which is how For Paws got involved. Since the Chaminade Apartments are actually owned by the university, we regard these cats as our responsibility until S.C.A.T. takes over. Thus, we paid for spaying and vaccinating Binx, the sweet young mother cat, and Cindy is fostering her.
Peppy (m), Mister (m), and Cookie (f) are also in a safe and stimulating foster situation They went to the vet this morning where they got a clean bill of health and their first set of vaccinations. They're about 8 weeks old and weigh 2 pounds each; the way they're eating, that will soon double.
So through the efforts of For Paws, S.C.A.T., Cindy, and one very caring apartment resident, Binx, Peppy, Mister, and Cookie are off the streets and on to good lives. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

April 4, 2010
Subject: Happy Easter

Easter greetings from the For Paws bunnies.
For Paws Rabbit Wrangler

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