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December 2013

December 2, 2013
Subject: Marty's Big Adventure

We noticed Marty didn't show up for meals beginning last Monday, but it was Wednesday before we realized he was locked in the abandoned theater in the Reinbolt basement. We immediately set up traps and thought we'd get him right away. But no, Marty seemed really traumatized by the dark, dank surroundings and neither tuna nor chicken nor turkey tempted him. We spent several hours Saturday morning guarding the open door to prevent other cats from going in and hoping Marty would “see the light” and come out. No luck. Finally, hunger and thirst overcame trauma, and he went into the trap. We released him yesterday morning, and he's back to normal today. Would he go in there again? Of course—he's a cat. Would we spend hours trying to rescue him? Of course—we're crazy. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

December 3, 2013
Subject: Marty Update

After a week locked in a basement, Marty appreciates fresh air, food, and freedom-as do we all. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

December 6, 2013
Subject: Semester's End

Feeling overwhelmed? Good luck with all of the end of semester stresses!
For Paws Cat Wrangler

December 10, 2013
Subject: Happy News

Here's some happy news to get us through finals week. After living over two years in the Treadaway Courtyard, Tasha has been adopted! Now known as Cocoa, the silver-gray beauty has joined former foster kitten Waffle to make Professor Bonnie Roberts' life extremely interesting. Bonnie describes Cocoa as very loving, although that's not the word Waffle would use. Our thanks to the Treadaway residents who were kind to Cocoa over the years and to Bonnie (and Waffle) for giving her a good home. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

December 11, 2013
Subject: More Happy News!

In response to the happy news about Tasha/Cocoa's adoption, a student sent the email below. As we've always said, For Paws is about helping people as well as cats. I'm so glad she was adopted! I used to feed her all the time (before I knew that I shouldn't!), and i would sit with her for a while. My boyfriend was deployed last year, and I used to hang out with the kitties all the time, because I would get lonely, and they were nice and quiet! ha. My mom visited Saint Mary's once, and it was right after she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. I showed her all the cats (before I knew about For Paws), and she told me that the one thing she wanted me to do was watch over them, and make sure they stay fed, and happy. So, that's exactly what I did. I know that may seem silly, but those Saint Mary's cats really helped me through everything these past two years!
For Paws Cat Wrangler

December 13, 2013
Subject: Yum Yum!

Santa Claus came early this year for the For Paws cats. Graduate student and HEB employee Robert Pease delivered some of HEB's charitable giving to us, and we are truly grateful. Since the cats can't read, they don't know—or care—they're eating “indoor” food. It's all good when you're hungry! A big thank you and Merry Christmas to Robert and HEB and all of you for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

December 24, 2013
Subject: Campus Cats at Christmas

All the campus cats—from the Blume colony to the loner Slim—are fed twice a day every day of the year, holidays included. They are not picky eaters, and they appreciate all the food donations they got this year, as do their feeders. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

Comments? Email Caroline Byrd or call Caroline at 436-3430, ext.1317.

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