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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is For Paws?

    For Paws is an official organization of the university, made up of concerned staff, faculty, and students who support the need for a program (TNR) for the control of feral/abandoned cats living on campus.

    What is the Trap-Neuter-Return program?

    The TNR program is a non-lethal means of controlling feral and stray cat colonies in populated areas. The program traps, vaccinates, spays/neuters, and returns cats to their colonies. Trained volunteers then maintain and monitor the cats to ensure a healthy population.

    What other universities have similar programs?

    In Texas, University of Texas at Austin and University of North Texas in Denton and Texas A&M have a TNR-type program. There are hundreds of TNR programs nationwide.

    What happens to feral cats that become socialized?

    Cats that can be socialized will be adopted out through the For Paws adoption program.

For Paws