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February 2009

February 19, 2009
Subject: Meet Lemon Drop

Sometimes it's just a simple trap-neuter-return, and sometimes it's an infinitely more complicated rescue-worry-and wait story. Lemon Drop is definitely in the second category.
Found lurking under a car by a St. Mary's faculty member last Sunday, L.D. was filthy and starving, her face bloody and ears raw and mangled. In addition, she appeared to be pregnant. Since leaving an injured, possibly pregnant cat on the street is not a For Paws option, we went with Plan B: feed her, bathe her, get her to the vet, and worry about her future later.
So far, L.D. has been tested for feline AIDS and leukemia (negative for both), received a steroid shot and daily antibiotics, and has been declared not pregnant by the vet. After she finishes her antibiotics, the vet will reevaluate her and set a date for spaying. (Her vet expenses thus far are $90.00.)
Okay, so she's not quite ready for her close-up. But she is healing, has a very healthy appetite, and is quite hopeful for a cat with not a lot of options. We're just putting out her story now and hoping that in the next few weeks some adoption opportunities open up for her. Thanks for your support on this latest adventure.
For Paws Cat Wrangle

February 13, 2009
Subject: Going, Going...Gone

Hello. All cats have been adopted, and all chocolates have been consumed. We racked up $557.00 in our first-ever Valentine fundraiser, our most successful to date! Our thanks to everyone who participated.
Three special people deserve special thanks. Eva Bueno supplied the idea and impetus for this project and created the chocolate sachets; Shirley Martyn donated a mountain of Valentine's socks; and Nettie Lucio produced more felines (60+) than a yardful of unspayed mama cats. Thank you! As always, every dollar raised goes to fix and feed cats, including Patches who was spayed five years ago and has been dining on our tab ever since. Thanks for your support and Happy Valentine's Day.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

February 11, 2009
Subject: The Final Four & Babe Update

There are only four—and then no more. These cats need homes now!
Good news at last on the Babe front: he no longer skulks under the math building but now lives in the light with his mother Ruth. Proceeds from the Valentine Cats sale benefit this fierce little beast and his gentle mom, along with many other regulars at the feeding station. (And no, I'm not above using a precious kitten to sell those sock cats.)
Thanks for your support.
Shameless Cat Wrangler

February 9, 2009
Subject: Valentine Cats Are Here

Good morning. As you can see, our adoption center in the Blume Library is overflowing with cute cats and kittens. We're not expecting any more litters this year, so now is the time to get your no-maintenance feline. And grab some chocolates to brighten this gray Monday.
We are holding cats for a number of you who requested them after we ran out last week, so please claim them soon. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

February 6, 2009
Subject: More Valentine Cats on the Way!

We sold all 26 of our Valentine cats the first day of our super adoption event! But don't despair if you missed out. On Monday we'll have several litters for adoption in addition to the ones pictured. Cats are $8.00 and kittens are $5.00 and chocolate sachets are $1.00. All are available at the Blume Library first thing Monday morning.
Please share this information with your cat-loving friends who may not be on our list. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

February 4, 2009
Subject: Love for Sale

Folks, we were going to wait until next week to start our Valentine's Day fundraiser, but we've already sold half of our sock cats and kittens just through word of mouth!
Hand-crafted by Eva Bueno and Nettie Lucio, the little felines are a steal at just $8.00 for adult cats and $5.00 for kittens.
And to sweeten the deal, Eva has created colorful sachets of chocolate for just $1.00.
So hurry over to the Blume Library to "adopt" a maintenance-free cat, stock up on a little sweet stuff, and support our campus cats. Thank you.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

February 3, 2009
Subject: Meet Max (and Mix)

Hello. Police Officer Jennifer Hellums arrested Max early Sunday morning for loitering on campus without a tipped ear—a charge upgraded to assault with 20 concealed weapons when she tried to put him in a carrier. By the time we took custody of him, he had mellowed somewhat.
Max, our 129th customer, got neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and ear-tipped at Blue Cross Clinic on Monday for $61.60. We released him without incident this morning. We're grateful to Officer Hellums for ending this tom's "career" as a neighborhood Lothario.
We probably won't see Max again, but you can meet Mix and his littermates at our Super Adoption event which kicks off next Monday in the Blume Library. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

February 2, 2009
Subject: Where's Babe & Other News

Hello. If you look closely, you'll find Babe near his ever-vigilant mom, Ruth, in a rare photo of both cats above ground at the same time. They still go under the building, and only Ruth can get herself out without human intervention. So do we continue as enablers, trapping the kitten and hauling him out every other day so he can eat? Or do we put food and water underground until he gets big enough to get out on his own? Is Babe just an innocent little kitten, or is he a diabolic master manipulator? If you have any theories or solutions, please share.
The "Today's Catholic" article on For Paws that appeared last month was picked up in the January 28 issue of FamilyOnline (http://www.marianist.com/fol/), the biweekly e-mail newsletter for members of the Society of Mary. Already we've received an order for 5 t-shirts from someone who works at the Marianist Center in Philadelphia! (We previously received an order for 3 shirts from a Boerne resident who read the original article.) This free publicity has really paid off for us.
Finally, January was a very busy month for us; the $500 we made with our Christmas sale went to vet expenses for neutering/spaying five cats, plus Cien's eye surgery. So with Valentine's Day coming, we have a little fundraiser in the works. Think chocolate and very colorful cats.
Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

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