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July 2012

July 30,2012
Subject: Trap Til You Drop

Even though we finished off our San Antonio Area Foundation grant, we're still trapping in three locations. The neighbors we're working with are very enthusiastic and are pleased to see us catch two or three cats at a time in the drop trap. There's no shortage of orange tabbies out there! Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

July 23, 2012
Subject: A Tale of Two Kitties

Several weeks ago, we fixed a feral feline family from an apartment complex. The mom was returned to the complex, and since then the Lucios have devoted their considerable fostering skills to taming the kittens. Of the five kittens, only Twisty and Coal have made the difficult transition to tameness. Adoption options are few and far between this summer, and it's always a bigger challenge to find homes for black cats. So if anyone can offer a home to one or both of these little ones, please let us know. Otherwise, we can see no choice but to return all five to the apartment complex—a “choice” we hate to make.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

July 20, 2012
Subject: 50/50

We've fixed 50 cats in 50 days! Thanks to our latest $3000 grant from the San Antonio Area Foundation , we helped 14 households to become responsible pet owners , supported the city's No-Kill goal, and made life better for community cats. Adorable Milo is one of 37 kittens sterilized and vaccinated through this project. Thanks to the wonderful folks at SpaySA, Blue Cross Pet Clinic, and the Area Foundation for their support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

July 16, 2012
Subject: R.I.P. Curry

We found Curry's body today about two feet from the tree she was apparently headed for. I'll have the smell of death in my head all day. I'll have the image of her sweet face in my heart much longer. Good-bye, little orange girl. Caroline

July 13, 2012
Subject: Meet Twisty

A caring St. Mary's alumna and her husband recently rescued a feral mom and her five kittens from an apartment complex parking lot. Twisty is the first of the kittens to become tame. She's being spayed today and will be ready for adoption next week; let us know if you're the one to put a smile on Twisty's little face. Thanks for your support.

July 5, 2012
Subject: Kittens, Kittens, Kittens

These two-month-old kittens are getting fixed today and really need homes. They're very well-socialized, playful, and cute. Any takers? Thanks.
Kitten Purveyor

July 5, 2012
Subject: Feeding Time

Curry, our newest campus cat, has outlasted the hissing of the veterans and is now a regular for the twice-daily feedings. Persistence pays! Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

Comments? Email Caroline Byrd or call Caroline at 436-3430, ext.1317.

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