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May 2010

May 28, 2010
Subject: For Paws

Hello. Recent graduate Jullianna Farias wrote on St. Mary's Facebook wall a list of 25 things that make our school AWESOME. Number 11 on the list? Pet cats! I'd like to add to the "awesome" list the many students, staff, and faculty who appreciate our friendly felines. And let's not forget those awesome cats who walk on the wild side.
Have a great summer and thanks for your support.
Caroline Byrd
For Paws Co-Director

May 21, 2010
Subject: Meet Earl Grey, Lady Grey, and Lynx

Good morning. The Greys are neighborhood cats from Overhill Drive. I taught the resident retired couple how to trap, and they got Earl Grey two weeks ago. Yesterday they got Lady Grey and one of their two kittens. (More about that later.) The adults are fixed and vaccinated and back at home.
Last Sunday I saw Lynx lounging at the Raba Building and trapped him in less than 10 minutes. He is now neutered, vaccinated, and returned to campus. Somewhere in the midst of all this, we got the two remaining kittens at the Marquette house where we had earlier sterilized six adult cats. Sorry, no time for pictures, but the kittens, were cute, playful, etc. Now they are also non-reproducing as well.
The campus is quiet, but For Paws stays busy! Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

May 14, 2010
Subject: Kitten Report

Week I with the Lowe's kittens has passed, and the little guys and gals are doing really well. The shift to solid food is still a work in progress, but now what goes in one end is coming out the other, i.e., the digestive systems are functioning properly. The cuteness factor is off the charts.
Speaking of cuteness, take a look at St. Mary's Facebook for a neat photo of Cien and student friend. Thanks for your support of our cool campus cats.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

May 11, 2010
Subject: Happy Endings Do Happen

Hello. Christina Villanueva, St. Mary's registrar, has offered to adopt the Lowe's kittens and their mom. Nettie and I rushed to Lowe's, trapped the mom, and scooped up the kittens. The employees are still in a daze; we didn't even mess with management.
We went directly to Blue Cross Pet Clinic where Dr. B pronounced to kittens to be in good shape. Mama Phantom is getting spayed today, so we'll soon what her temperament is like.
We are so grateful to Christina for stepping up to adopt and to Denise, the Lowe's employee, who wouldn't give up on Phantom and her brood. The local cat wranglers' network is all agog at the happy ending for this feline family; it's truly a "feel good" story for animal lovers. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

May 10, 2010
Subject: A Mother's Day Story

A week ago I was at Lowe's buying caladiums when an employee approached me and told me about a mother cat and kittens in the store. (I was wearing a pro-spay/neuter t-shirt at the time.) The mama cat had given birth to kittens in a sack of mulch on the highest tier of shelving in the garden center-at least 20 feet up.
I stayed in touch with the employee this past week and learned that one kitten had fallen out of the "nest"-but landed on the next tier of mulch sacks and was unharmed. Kind-hearted employees are doing what they can to protect the little brood. They moved the four kittens into a spill-proof bin in the covered part of the garden center, and as you can see from photos taken yesterday, Mama Phantom didn't abandon her family. Of course, management is opposed to having cats in the store and forbids employees from feeding them.
I hope there's a happy ending for Phantom and her kittens. But a lot of complicated things have to happen to reach that happy ending. Phantom must be trapped and spayed. Is she adoptable or feral? If she's not adoptable, where does she go? The kittens need fostering, then adoption opportunities. Management needs to cooperate with the cat rescuers who want to help.
This situation isn't really a For Paws problem—not our neighborhood—but on this Mother's Day, please send a kind thought to Phantom and all the unwanted mama cats in her predicament. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

May 3, 2010
Subject: Neighborhood Project

Hello. Last week Nettie and I went to check out a nearby “Free Kittens” sign. The sign was gone, but we figured the mother cat might still be around. In fact, there were three mothers cats, all with kittens! In addition to the mom cats, there were three adult male cats.
So we had six adults and at least as many kittens. The resident humans were of little help as to how many kittens there actually were—one had died, one given away, some born in the attic, etc. Nettie had to spend quite some time extricating one kitten from the enclosed area by the stove vent. (We were at the house until 10 PM.)
We got all the adults fixed and vaccinated and took the two eight-week-old kittens in for weighing and vaccinations. We thought the humans had agreed to keep the kittens until we could fix them and try get them into reputable adoption venues. Never assume; all the kittens (eight-week-olds, six-week-olds, and four-week-olds) pretty much vanished—gone to “good” homes or worse. The survivors will produce kittens of their own soon enough.
Well, it's discouraging. As I always say, you can't fix stupid, but you can fix cats. Ultimately we got Chica, Girl, Negra, Chico, Lynyrd, and Skynyrd out of the breeding pool and have to be content with that for now. Thanks for your support.
Disgruntled Cat Wrangler

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