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Animal No Kill Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation

    The Animal No Kill Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation awarded a $3000 grant to For Paws to continue our neighborhood TNR project. With this grant, 110 cats were spayed/neutered, inoculated, and ear tipped during the period of July 15, 2010 to October 21, 2010. Thanks to the Animal No Kill Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation for this grant.

    Pearly and Pumpkin Face were rescued on 7/15/10.

    Louis was trapped on 7/16/10.

    Ears, Grey Tiger, LBK, LBK2, and Cabezon were trapped on 7/19/10.

    Bootsy, Orange Girl, Bootsy2, Blackie2, and Kelly were trapped on 7/20/10.

    Feralita was rescued 7/21/10.

    Feralote and One-Eye were trapped on 7/22/10.

    Wake Forest 1, Wake Forest 2, Wake Forest 3, Wake Forest 4, Wake Forest 5, and Wake Forest 6 were trapped on 7/24/10.

    Miss Kitty and Chester were rescued 7/26/10.

    Matt and Mrytle were trapped on 7/27/10.

    Jack II and Seven II were trapped on 7/28/10.

    Mancito, Leo, Tortilla, and Mancita were trapped on 7/29/10.

    Bart, Sly, Adventure, Boy, Sleepover, Tiger, and Trey were trapped on 8/2/10.

    Forrest and Mama Cal were rescued on 8/3/10.

    Coal, Naranjo, Ripley, Tabitha, Tootsie, and were trapped on 8/4/10.

    Sophie, Betty, Jolene, Flower, and Chloe and were trapped on 8/5/10.

    Audi, Buddie, Copper, and Patrick and were trapped on 8/11/10.

    Silky and Brownie II were trapped on 8/12/10.

    Bounce, Pounce, Feraldo, and Tiger were trapped on 8/13/10.

    Big Papa, Dottie, and KK were trapped on 8/16/10.

    Bootsy, Daisy II, and Rexy were trapped on 8/17/10.

    Leopard and Opie were rescued on 8/18/10.

    Sienna and Octomom were trapped on 8/19/10.

    Simba, Tip Tail, Kaliko, Squirt, and Tortitoo were trapped on 8/23/10.

    Baby was rescued on 8/24/10.

    O.P. and DaddyO were trapped on 8/27/10.

    Bob Tail, Caleen, OJ, Sam, and Diablo were trapped on 8/31/10.

    William was rescued 9/7/10.

    Toni and Milagro were rescued on 9/8/10.

    Gordo and China were trapped on 9/14/10.

    Patches, Freddie, Misty, and Muno were trapped on 9/21/10.

    Angel and Marlo were trapped on 9/23/10.

    Bluto, Notre, and Dame were trapped on 9/28/10.

    Ono, Dude, and Pinta were rescued 10/6/10.

    Away was trapped on 10/12/10.

    Dottie and Fluffy were rescued 10/13/10.

    Buttercup and Mohawk were rescued on 10/14/10.

    BlackCat, CreamPuff, Cupcake, and Orange Supreme were trapped on 10/21/10.

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