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November 2010

November 30,2010
Subject: More Christmas Fundraiser Items

Good morning. In addition to sock cats (and dogs) and cat ornaments, we have small ($3.00) and large ($6.00) candles, and for the first time ever, mugs ($6.00). The sale will take place tomorrow and Thursday from 10 AM to 2 PM in the UC atrium. Please come out and support our campus cats and neighborhood trapping projects.
Also, we need volunteers to work at the sale. If you can give an hour or two on Wednesday or Thursday, please contact Pat Somach as soon as possible. Thanks, as always, for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

November 29, 2010
Subject: Christmas Sale Preview

Attached are some of the items that will be for sale at the For Paws Christmas Fundraiser this coming Wednesday and Thursday, November 1 and 2. We'll have a table in the UC atrium from 10 AM to 2 PM; prices range from $3.00 to $12.00, cash or checks only.
Candles and mugs will also be available. And in the spirit of peace and goodwill to all, we have about 10 sock dogs for our canine-loving friends.
For Paws Grinch

November 23, 2010
Subject: Happy Thanksgiving

Cien and all the campus cats are thankful for your generous donations of food, money, time, and attention. And a special thanks to all who are sharing this Thanksgiving with adopted cats and kittens-go easy on the turkey!
For Paws Cat Wrangler

November 10, 2010
Subject: Riley and Sparky

Good news: Riley and Sparky are in the adoption center at the Humane Society, a local no-kill shelter! Both are imminently adoptable--super playful, good lap kittens with big purrs, fully vetted and healthy. Did I mention adorable?
Riley (first named Uh Oh) was found under the trash bin by St. Louis Hall on September 17 and subsequently fostered by Anne Powell (Tim's mom) and then Rosie Cutting and me. Sparky is the last of the four Daugherty kittens rescued on campus September 2; Ismael Ruiz (alumnus, 2008) was Sparky's initial foster, and then the kitten joined Riley to spend time with Rosie and me (and grumpy resident cats).
In the last five months, For Paws has placed 30 kittens in homes or no-kill adoption facilities. We couldn't have done it without the help of many, many people-fosters, adopters, networkers who spread the word, funders, etc. Thank you for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

November 8, 2010
Subject: Cats in Cold Weather

UNT Cat Shelter
A kind woman named Billie Juarez built and donated two winter shelters to us. (She supplies shelters for the Japanese Tea Garden cat colonies as well.) Wise Cien laid claim to one during the warm weather and is now making good use of it. The entrances are small-6" X 9"-so the shelters are also protection against marauding dogs.
To see how another university cat group provides shelters, check out the press release from the University of North Texas.
Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

November 5, 2010
Subject: Meet Tread & Away and WMC Kittens

Good morning. Folks who live and work in Treadaway Hall may recognize Tread & Away. Thanks to student Joshua Dunn and music instructor Eric Amozurrutia for alerting us to these two felines. The cats are now sterilized, vaccinated, and back on campus.
The kittens from the Woodlawn Marianist Community (Hal, Lo, Ween, and Punkin) are too small for surgery, so now we face this quandary: as we wait for them to be big enough, do we also try to tame them-assuming they can be tamed? Or do we return them to the WMC as soon as they're fixed?
Option 1 means intensive fostering and then finding permanent homes. Option 2 means the kittens will have to fend for themselves, as they are not fed at the WMC.
Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

November 3, 2010
Subject: Fines for Felines Pays Off

To the many hats Dr. Palmer Hall wears (library director, professor, writer, and Pecan Grove Press publisher), add fund raiser for cats. Thanks to his innovative idea to direct October's library fines to For Paws, we have $585.50 to continue our work on campus and in the neighborhood. Thank you, Palmer.
Pictured is Cien perusing just two of the many titles from PGP; to see the complete catalog, click Pecan Grove Press.
Thanks for your support.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

November 1, 2010
Subject: Puffin and Crypto Find Homes

More happy endings: student list member Monica Navarro and family have adopted Puffin, the kitten who arrived on campus through kindhearted but misguided efforts. Puffin is very laid back and calm (for a kitten) and will enjoy life as a pampered housecat with the Navarro family. Thank you, Monica!
Crypto, one of the Daugherty kittens, has been fostered by Justin Seals and Samantha Franklin (alumna, 2010). Fostering turned into adoption for Crypto who's named for a character in a video game. Funny, she didn't act like a "sadistically villainous alien invader" but then again, I don't live with her. Thank you (again), Samantha and Justin!
We still have a few kittens in foster care we'll soon be promoting. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Kitten Purveyor

Comments? Email Caroline Byrd or call Caroline at 436-3430, ext.1317.

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