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Gaynelle & Gene Rankin Endowment Trust

    The San Antonio Area Foundation awarded a $3700 "bridge" grant to For Paws to continue our neighborhood TNR project. With this grant, 58 cats were spayed/neutered, inoculated, and ear tipped during the period of May 26, 2010 to July 7, 2010. Thanks to the Gaynelle & Gene Rankin Endowment Trust of the San Antonio Area Foundation for this grant.

    Medina was trapped on 5/26/10.

    Thor was trapped on 5/27/10.

    Noche, Grey Baby Grey were trapped on 5/28/10.

    BW Tom, Calico, Orange Girl, Orange Tom, and Blacky were trapped on 6/3/10.

    Angelina Joli was trapped on 6/7/10.

    Sid Vicious and Grey Storm were trapped on 6/8/10.

    Bold Gold was trapped on 6/9/10.

    Fluffy Mama and Little Mama were trapped on 6/10/10.

    Sammy was trapped on 6/11/10. Sammy AKA Cookie 'n Cream has been adopted.

    Bandera and Waverly were trapped on 6/14/10.

    Midnight, Cincinnati, Caruso, and Jackie were trapped on 6/15/10.

    Milo and Lucky were trapped on 6/16/10.

    Skunky, One-Eyed Jack, Fluffy, and Skinny were trapped on 6/17/10. Skinny AKA Mies has been adopted.

    Feralina, Cesar, Rambo, Skittles, and Beer were trapped on 6/21/10.

    Flashman and Seven were trapped on 6/22/10.

    Broken Arrow and Tiger Lily were trapped on 6/23/10.

    Nigela was trapped on 6/24/10.

    Oryo was trapped on 6/25/10.

    Sunny, Puppy Cat, Dolly, Jude, and Wuero were trapped on 6/28/10.

    Grey Girl was trapped on 6/29/10.

    Alex, Asia, Ninja, Spit Fire, and Starla were trapped on 6/30/10. Alex, Spit Fire, and Starla have been adopted.

    Puff Ball, Quarter-Ling, and Baby were trapped on 7/1/10.

    Kitty and Stumpy were trapped on 7/5/10.

    Fuzz Ball and Mini-me were trapped on 7/7/10.

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