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September 2011

September 30,2011
Subject: St. Mary's @ SpaySA

There was a strong St. Mary's presence at the SpaySA open house yesterday. Fr. Rudy Vela blessed the spay-neuter clinic's new location and later shared laughs with Executive Director Kathleen McGowan, a graduate of St. Mary's Law School. The newly-renovated clinic even has pews from Assumption Chapel in the spacious waiting room.
In the past few years SpaySA has managed to provide 12,000-14,000 free or low-cost surgeries in a space one-third the size of the new building. Can you imagine the good they can do in their new facility? For more on SpaySA, check out SpaySA or visit the clinic at 5357 W. Commerce-five minutes from campus.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

September 28, 2011
Subject: Tread Adopted

Last November we trapped Tread at Treadaway Hall where she apparently made some good friends. May graduate Jessica Esquivel recently asked if she could adopt the cat, and we said if you can catch her, she's yours! Assisted by Joe Lucio and Emily Castaneda, Jessica was successful in the capture. Tread is now an apartment cat, using the litter box and living the good life.
So, students, when you graduate and get that first job and pet-friendly apartment, remember your friends at For Paws!
For Paws Cat Wrangler

September 27, 2011
Subject: Kitten Updates

Homer (VJ Keefe Field), Minkie, Milo, and Mimi (dumped on campus) are all doing well and growing. We plan to get them fixed in a few weeks, and then three will go to their new homes. One of the Siamese females needs a permanent home after she's spayed.
Thanks to our foster families and resident cats who do so much to socialize the wee beasties. (When my previous foster was placed with the Humane Society, I brought Mimi in to amuse my cats. They're amused, all right.)
Thanks for your support.
For Paws Kitten Wrangler

September 22, 2011
Subject: Like Us on Facebook
If you prefer Facebook to email, click here For Paws Facebook to like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest adventures of Spice, Cien, and the gang (lots more pix).
For Paws Facebook Fan

September 20, 2011
Subject: Cien Rescued!

We just got Cien from under the Math-Engineering Building! Earlier we heard a meow from one of the grates, so we put food down there and were surprised to see a brown tabby we've never seen before. We then set a trap in a very tight place, figuring we'd catch the tabby if nothing else.
Well, the Lunch Box squeezed himself into the trap! He's fine, just very hungry--he inhaled 2 cans of food when we got him to the library. Hopefully he's learned that while it's very easy to take the way down, it's much harder to pull yourself up.
Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers.
For Paws Cat Rescuer

September 20, 2011
Subject: Have You Seen Cien?

Cien was last seen Saturday night at feeding time. Several of us have been searching for him (or his remains), but so far no sign.
Cien roams the least of any of the For Paws cats (and he never misses meals), so his disappearance is troubling. If he's "visiting" a residence hall, he needs to be brought back to the library. Thank you for your help.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

September 19, 2011
Subject: Adoption Good News

Great news! The Humane Society (no-kill shelter) accepted both Mocha and Pinky into their adoption program on Saturday. Mocha is the mom cat who, along with her three kittens, was dumped on campus. Pinky was a neighborhood rescue who has been in foster care at my house for most of the summer. (It was very hard to let her go, but that's what fostering is all about.)
We still have four kittens in foster care; three have been claimed, and one Siamese-mix female needs a forever home after they're spayed/neutered in early October. Thanks for your support.
For Paws Foster Mom

September 13, 2011
Subject: VJ Keefe Felines

After a Rattler baseball player rescued the four-week-old kitten Homer at VJ Keefe Field, we trapped four more cats there: two adult tom cats (Manny and Keefe) and two 3 month-old kittens (Tater and Streak). We never found a mom cat.
Even though we knew VJK Field is set for a big face lift as part of the Sports Complex project, we returned the cats because they are not unadoptable, and it's almost impossible to move a feral colony. Since there is little human activity at the stadium now, the cats must be living off their hunting skills-lots of rodents.
When the stadium was cleaned up prior to last week's groundbreaking ceremony, the two kittens vanished. Yesterday we got a report of an orange kitten at the Law Library; we trapped the kitten this morning, saw the tipped ear, and realized it's Tater.
We wish we had fosters or adopters or feeders for every cat, but life's not like that. We've kept Tater in the trap today at the Blume feeding location in hopes he'll stick around for regular meals when he's released. Cien is keeping a close eye on Tater--or on the wet food.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

September 6, 2011
Subject: Foster Updates

Little Homer is thriving at the Martyn Fatten the Feline Foster Home. He's grown to almost 1.5 pounds, up from 8 ounces two weeks ago. He's mastered going up and down stairs and loves to eat and play. Homer has a permanent home he'll move to in a few weeks after he's neutered.
Over at the Lucio Home for Abandoned Cats, mama Mocha is showing a steady weight gain and an easy-going temperament. We decided Minkie, Milo, and Mimi need a little more mother's milk to fatten them up, and Mocha is happy to oblige. All are friendly and well-socialized. Milo and one of the Siamese-mix girls have been claimed by future adopters.
Thanks for your support and special thanks to our devoted fosters.
For Paws Cat Wrangler

September 1, 2011
Subject: Update of Animal Laws

Animal Care Services has tabled the proposed changes in Chapter 5 (Animal Laws) for now. The major bone of contention is the labeling of all outdoor cats as "nuisance animals" and all that implies. This may seem insignificant, but labeling is nearly always detrimental to those being labeled and can embolden some people to act in cruel and inhumane ways. Read the following comment for an example of what we're up against:
Nobody wants a bunch of nasty old cats running around all over tarnation. All they do is make a mess and cause commotions. I can't imagine what anyone who isn't into witchery would want with a cat because they're just nasty, and they're all a bunch of nuisances. They need to make a law that if anyone wants a cat, they have to keep it in the house, or if they want to keep it outside, it either has to be locked up in a cage or chained up to a tree or a post. A cat will not stay inside a fence. No one should be allowed to have more than one or two cats because they're a health hazard, and all the wild ones should either be gassed to death or shot. They can be donated to the schoolhouse for science class. Cats are just nasty. They carry fleas, mites, worms, lice, and diseases. They also will suck the breath out of babies. They are the devil's beasts.
To those of you who contacted city officials, thank you! If you haven't, or would like to follow up, please encourage them to drop the "nuisance" label and concentrate on low-cost/free sterilization and TNR programs. As always, thanks for your support.
And as to local "nuisance" animals, just shoo Cien off the picnic table!
For Paws Cat Wrangler

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