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    A special For Paws Thanks to these sponsors who have donated money, food, transportation, time, energy & prayer:

    Abney, Armando (St. Mary's faculty)

    Adams, Barbara (other)

    Airheart, Anna M. (Other)

    Albert, Valerie & James (St. Mary's staff)

    Amen, Kathy (St. Mary's faculty)

    Animal No Kill Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation

    Anime Beat (St. Mary's students)

    Aktunc, Ozgur (St. Mary's faculty)

    Barragan, Erika (St. Mary's faculty)

    Baumgart, Stephanie (St. Mary's student)

    Behlmann, Brother Cletus, S.M. - for designing the For Paws logo. Click for more of Brother Cletus Art work.

    Behncki, Yesica (St. Mary's student)

    Bellett, John & Nancy (Other)

    Betancourt, Servando (neighborhood resident)

    Bravo, Myra (St. Mary's student)

    Britton, Patricia (St. Mary's faculty)

    Bueno, Eva (St. Mary's faculty)

    Bueno, Mary Lou (St. Mary's staff)

    Bustamante, Rosary (St. Mary’s staff)

    Byrd, Caroline (St. Mary's faculty and neighborhood resident)

    Cadena, Elizabeth (St. Mary's staff)

    Castro, Juan (St. Mary's student)

    Chaminade Community House (San Antonio, TX)

    Chipinski, Elizabeth & John (other)

    Coley, Mallory (St. Mary's faculty)

    Cortez, Louis (St. Mary's Staff)

    Cotrell, Abbie (St. Mary's University)

    Cowan, Adrian M. (St. Mary's faculty)

    Curet, Peggy (St. Mary's Faculty)

    Cutting, Rose Marie (St. Mary's faculty and neighborhood resident)

    Dereszewski, Gail (St. Mary's student)

    DeRoche, Pam (St. Mary's staff)

    Devlin, Brenda (Aramark)

    Domaschk, Dawn (other)

    Dowdle, Randall (St. Mary's student)

    Duesterhoeft, Diane (St. Mary's faculty)

    Dumitru, Cyra (St. Mary's Faculty)

    Dumitru, Dan (Other)

    Duncan, Lucy (St. Philips College)

    Edralin, Janis (St. Mary's student)

    Egan, Pat (St. Mary's Staff,Ret.)

    Engberg-Castro, Tara (St. Mary's/ARA staff)

    Farrell, Francis (St. Mary's staff)

    Fernandez, Eunice (St. Mary's student)

    Flick, Christine (St. Mary's staff)

    Franklin, Samantha (St. Mary's student)

    Fryatt, Debra (Other)

    Fuentes, Ivon (Other)

    Garcia, Hileana & Javier (neighborhood residents)

    Gaynelle & Gene Rankin Endowment Trust of the San Antonio Area Foundation

    Ginanni, Kathryn S. (Other)

    Goldbert, Irwin (St. Mary's faculty)

    Hall, Doug (St. Mary's faculty)

    Hall, H. Palmer (St. Mary's faculty)

    Hansen, Chip & Jane Focht-Hansen (other)

    Hardin, Barbara (St. Mary's faculty)

    Helton, Pat (St. Mary's staff)

    Hernandez, Bette (St. Mary's staff)

    Hernandez, Rebecca (Other)

    Hellenshead, Cheryl (St. Mary's staff)

    Hill, Heather (St. Mary's faculty)

    Hillis, Annemarie (St. Mary's student)

    Hopkins, Stephanie (St. Mary's student)

    Huck, Dolly (St. Mary's staff)

    Ibaroudene, Djaffer (St. Mary's faculty)

    Jackson, Mary (St. Mary's faculty, Ret.)

    Jacquemin, Celine (St. Mary's faculty)

    Janik, Carolyn (Other)

    Jones, Carmen and Jim (neighborhood residents)

    Kalwaitis, Carol (Other)

    Karam, Ann (St. Mary's staff)

    Keene, Kay (Other)

    Kersnowski, Alice (St. Mary's faculty)

    Kersnowski, Frank (St. Mary's faculty)

    King, Rachel (St. Mary's student)

    Krasensky, Patricia (Other)

    Langlois, Marsha (Other)

    Lehman-Meyer, Kathy (St. Mary's faculty)

    Lesher, Marcella (St. Mary's faculty)

    Lesniak, Melissa Ann (St. Mary's SALDF)

    Lisowski, Colleen (St. Mary's student)

    Lopez, Cindy (St. Mary's staff)

    Lopez, Linda (St. Mary's staff)

    Lucio, Jose (St. Mary's staff)

    Lucio, Nettie (St. Mary's staff)

    Lunsford, Stacy (St. Mary's staff)

    Lytton, Lee H., III (St. Mary's faculty)

    McCarthy, Susan (St. Mary's faculty) BR>

    McCormick, Christel (St. Mary's student)

    Martin, Shelley (Other)

    Martinez, Lucille (neighborhood resident)

    Martinez, Memo & Sophie (St. Mary's faculty)

    Martinez, Zaida (St. Mary's faculty)

    Martyn, Shirley (St. Mary's faculty)

    Masimo, Justina (Brazilian professor)

    Matz, Jerome, S.M.

    Montalbo, Gloria (St. Mary's staff)

    Murphy, Helen C. (Other)

    O'Phelan Monleen (St. Mary's student)

    Ortman, Christie (St. Mary's student)

    Owen, Patricia (St. Mary's faculty)

    Paone, Stephen T. (Other)

    Pardo, Greg (St. Mary's alumni)

    Pena, Natalie (St. Mary's student)

    Persellin, Mark (St. Mary's faculty)

    Porter, Mary (other)

    Powell, Anne (other)

    Powell, Tim (St. Mary's staff)

    Pressman, Richard (St. Mary's faculty)

    Ramirez, Stephanie (St. Mary's student)

    Ramirez, Yolanda (St. Mary's staff)

    Ratcliff, Siria M. (Other)

    Reed, Marge (Other)

    Registrar Staff (personal "Secret Santa" money)

    Rivas, Jo Ann R.(St. Mary's staff)

    Roberts, Bonita (St. Mary's faculty)

    Roberts, Dianne Marie (other)

    Rogers, Dirk (St. Mary's staff)

    Rosero, Angelina (St. Mary's staff)

    Rosseett, Richard & Mary (other)

    Rosseett, Willie & Gloria (other)

    Rudy, Len, S.M.

    Ruth Lang Charitable Trust of the San Antonio Area Foundation

    Samms, Kathleen A. (St. Mary's student)

    Sanchez, Sophie (St. Mary's student)

    Santos, Cynthia (St. Mary's staff)

    Savary, Shannon (St. Mary's student)

    Scallorn, Gwen & Leigh (Other)

    Seals, Justin & Samantha (St. Mary's student)

    Scully, Melissa (St. Mary's faculty)

    Sellers, Lisa (St. Mary's staff)

    Shively, Leslie (St. Mary's student)

    Silva, Douglas (St. Mary's student)

    Singh, Tanuja (St. Mary's faculty)

    Skipper, Elizabeth (other)

    Somach, Pat (St. Mary's staff)

    Spraggins, Johnnie (Other)

    Stooksberry, Cindy (St. Mary's staff)

    Student Bar Association (St. Mary's students)

    Summerlee Foundation

    Sylvia, Margaret (St. Mary's faculty)

    Trankina, Michelle (St. Mary's faculty)

    Trevino, Susan & Buddy (Joffrey Workshop)

    Tucker, Reagan (Other)

    Tullos, Kathryn

    Vaneck, Louisa (St. Mary's staff,Ret.)

    Vangelakos, Augie (St. Mary's staff)

    Villanueva, Cristina (St. Mary's staff)

    Waymack, Gary & Beryl (St. Mary's staff)

    Weaver, Charles (St. Mary's faculty)

    Who you gonna Pie? (St. Mary's students)

    Wolfe, Necia (St. Mary's faculty)

    Wolo, JoAnn (other)

    Wolo, Monica (St. Mary's student)

    Wood, Robert, S.M.

    Wood, Sherry (St. Mary's staff)

    Worthington, Kathy

    Wyman, Marie (other)

    Zatarain, Florentin (Other)

    Zimmerman, Jill (St. Philips College)

    Zwahr-Castro, Jennifer (St. Mary's faculty)

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