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NOTE: These are links to only a selected number of government databases dealing with international issues that are available on the Web. The only databases included are those which are considered substantial research sources; almost all have some kind of search capability unless otherwise noted. Consult links on the Government Information Home Page for additional sources of electronic government information.

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Air University Library Bibliographies. Most of the current bibliographies include sections with links to web sites as well as descriptions of items in the Library's collection. Topics covered include not only issues of military interest but also area studies, history, biography and homeland security.

Arms Control & Disarmament Agency. This agency was terminated in 1998. Its functions have been transferred to the State Dept. Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation whose website includes information on disarmament, threat reduction, and export controls. Archived ACDA information is available here.

Canadian federal government databases accessible through the Internet. Although some of the databases on the listing require user registration, all (nearly 400) are publicly accessible. The listing is arranged by department and includes annotations.

CRS Reports. These research reports by the staff of the Congressional Research Service cover all subject areas and are excellent overviews. Unfortunately there is not an official government site which offers access to the entire collection. But there are several different institutions and individuals who are working to make these valuable resources available:

Development Experience Clearinghouse (U.S. Agency for International Development). This database includes citations to Agency technical and program reports from 1942 to the present. Copies of most reports can be ordered online.

EFA (Education for All). This page links to country, regional and thematic reports compiled by UNESCO, as well as other information about EFA's 2000 Assessment. The reports include statistics, description and evaluation.

Foreign Relations of the U.S. This massive collection, the official documentary record of U.S. foreign policy, is beginning to be available online. Volumes for 1961-72, and a few earlier ones, are now available at this State Dept. site. The University of Wisconsin at Madison makes the volumes for 1900 to 1918 available for searching or browsing. The Library has volumes back to 1914 in paper form in the documents stacks: S 1.1: .

Global Gateway: World Culture and Resources. (formerly International Resources). A portal site for the LC's international resources, it contains links to authoritative information by country (in the "Portals to the World" section), to special databases, including some with legal and historical documents ("Research Guides and Databases") and to websites of the various regional reading rooms ("Centers for International Research").

Institute of Peace. Searchable database of reports on areas in conflict, contentious issues, and conflict resolution initiatives. A section of particular interest is the Peace Agreements Digital Collection, which aims to include the full text of all peace agreements signed worldwide since 1989, covering both inter- and intra-state conflicts.

Law Library Microform Consortium. The Blume Library has made access to this extensive collection of government records, most of which are agencies reports and decisions, available through our Online Catalog. For more information, see the LLMC web site, linked above.

National Security Agency Declassification Initiatives. Includes indexes to massive numbers of declassified, decoded documents dating from the World War I through the early part of the Cold War.

State Department. Searchable site of information on foreign policy and foreign countries, from both a general public and an academic perspective. Under "Issues and Press" you can find links to policy statements, an index of press briefings and other information on many diplomatic topics.

State-level Lists of Casualties from the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts. Access to these lists from the Center for Electronic Records at the National Archives is by last name or home state. Travel information; includes travel alerts for dangerous destinations, but also general information on all countries. Also has links to U.S. consular offices with web sites around the world.

UNData. A portal providing access to various UN databases, totalling over 50 million records.

USAID Disaster Assistance. For information on worldwide disasters, both natural and man-made, the Agency for International Development gives background on situations and responses by country.

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