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Col. Martin Crimmins (1874-1955), a member of the U.S. Army from 1898 to 1926, was a Roosevelt Rough Rider, traveler, herpetologist and military historian. He had more than 200 articles published. The collection includes letters, military papers, articles he wrote, fort plans and valuable information on many forts, particularly in the southwest. There is also a large collection of maps and plans.


Bates, Charles Francis, Custer's Indian Battles (1936)
Bulletin of the Scientific Society of San Antonio: Vol I, No. 1 (1905), No. 2 (1914), No. 3 (1917), No. 4 (1922 - mentions Bro. Louis Garni)
Bulletin - United States Medical Department: March, 1946
69th Congress, first session: Investigation of the I.R.S. (3 vols.)
70th Congress, first session: Utility Corporations (2 vols.)
80th Congress, first session: Petroleum Investigation
80th Congress, first session: Fuel Investigation
80th Congress, first session: Oil Supply and Distribution
80th Congress, first session: Oil and Coal Shortage
80th Congress, second session: Oil Shortage
80th Congress, second session: Petroleum Prices and Profits
80th Congress, second session: Mexican Petroleum
80th Congress, second session: Steel Supply and Distribution
80th Congress, second session: International and Foreign Commerce
Dearborn, Henry A.S., Militia Laws of the United States and Massachusetts (May 1, 1836)
Harmon, George, Aspects of Slavery and Expansion 1848-1860 (Lehigh University)
Louisiana Conservation News, July-August, 1928
Naylor's Epic Century, July, 1946
Photocopy of Chapter V: "From Mouth of Devil's River to El Paso del Norte" [no author or title indicated]
Report of the Laboratory and Museum of Comparative Pathology (Philadel.1930)
Science News-Letter, October 19, 1929
Tactical Principles and Decisions - maps to accompany this text
The Problems of the Medical Profession, Liverpool, n.d.
The Spur: March 1935, April 1935, April 1936, May 1936, June 1936
The United States Army Welcomes You to Fort Sill
Thomas, Lowell, Woodfill of the Regulars (unbound book in fascicle form, 1929)


Biographical Data

Dwight D. Book - transcripts, class notes
Abraham Cannon - Last will and testament (1810)
Jeremiah Curtin - Letter to Joseph Smith (1898)
Edward Joseph Gallagher - biography from The New Encyclopedia of Texas
Lt. Col. Julius P. Garesche - excerpts of biography; family letters

Sam Houston - Miscellaneous matter on him and his family
     - Personal letter of Mrs. M.L. Houston to him (1849)
     - Personal letters from Sam Houston to his son

Robert E. Lee - 1846 - Paymaster General's letter explaining double payment to Capt. Lee
     1846 - Photostat of a letter of Capt. R.E. Lee to Gen. R. Jones
     1846 - Photocopy of the last will and testament of R. E. Lee (Aug. 3)
     1856 - Sale of a certificate by Enoch Jones to Robert E. Lee (May 12)
     1857 - Letter from Lt. Col. R.E. Lee assuming command in San Antonio
     1858 - Letter of Lt. Col. R. E. Lee to Col. S. Cooper (Jan. 1)
     1858 - Letter of Lt. Col. R. E. Lee to Col. S. Cooper (Jan. 21)
     1858 - Letter of Lt. Col. R. E. Lee to Major Irwin McDowell (Oct. 22)
     1859 - Letter of Lt. Col. R. E. Lee to Col. S. Thomas (June 8)
     1861 - Letter of R.E. Lee to John Twohig of San Antonio (Feb. 19)
     1871 - J.F. Minter of San Antonio appointed to sell land owned by Lee
     "Lee's Farewell Manuscript is Found"
     "Signed Copy of Farewell to His Troops is Located"
     "San Antonian Owns Original of Lee's Farewell to Army"
     "Robert E. Lee Day Commemorated by de Zavala Chapter, T.H.L.A." (1947)

Samuel A. Maverick - Memoirs
Mrs. M. A. Maverick - Interviews and Memoirs
J.W. Minter - brief biographical data
Moore family - biographical data
Jonathan Matthew Wainwright - biographical data
New York - Series of personages who have willed shares to others
Women in (Confederate) Texas - photos; reasons for recognition

Booklets, Leaflets and Unpublished Papers

Alexander, Sir J.E. United States Military Academy, West Point
Anderson, Charles State of the Country (speech given Nov. 24, 1860)
Burt, Charles An Annotated List of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Riley County, Kansas (U. of Michigan Papers, Dec. 12, 1927)
Burt, Charles and May Danheim Field notes...on a collection of amphibians.. (Nov. 19, 1929)
Castaņeda, Carlos La Villita Progress Report: Suggested Corrections
Cox, Mamie Wynne The Romantic Flags of Texas [propaganda for this book]
Estrada, Felix The Physicians in the Conquest of America
Everett, Milton Beginning of Texas History (January, 1930)
For the Love of God and in Grateful Remembrance of our Pioneer Builders (booklet for 85th anniversary of St. Mark's Episcopal church, San Antonio)
Gunter, Gordon Critical Comments on the Theory of the...Fluviatile Environment (n.d.)
Herff, Ferdinand Our Water Situation As Seen by an Ordinary Citizen (1951)
Herff, C. Adelbert A Foreword or Forerunner and The Vigilantes in San Antonio in the Early Sixties (1946)
Hill, Howard New Host Records of the Linguatulid, Kiricephalus Coarctatus in the United States (Sept.-Dec. 1935)
Irwing, Brig. Gen B.J.D. The Apache Pass Fight (April, 1928; introduction by Col. Crimmins)
Near East Relief- article on agricultural improvements
Norvell, Mrs. Lipscomb King's Highway [propaganda for this book]
Porter, Kenneth W. A Legend of the Biloxi (Apr.-June 1946)
Porter, Kenneth W. Negroes on the Southern Frontier 1670-1763 (Jan. 1948)
Porter, Kenneth W. Willie Kelley of the Lost Nigger Mine (Jan. 1954)
Stone, Dr. Lee A. First Aid Treatment for Snake Bite (1936)
The American Indian - pamphlet on an exhibition (n.d.)
The Flag of Destiny (folder with annotated illustrations)
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - Specifications for Gas-Heated Revolving Drum Cottonseed Sterilizer (May 20, 1939)
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - Results of the Two Year Plan for the Control of the Pink Bollworm in...Mexico (Nov. 22, 1939)
Viosca, Percy Distributional Problems of the Cold-Blodded Vertebrates of the Gulf Coastal Plain (July, 1926)
Viosca, Percy Engineering Aspects of the Problem of Salt Marsh Mosquito Suppression in Louisiana (May, 1926)
Viosca, Percy Louisiana Wet Lands and the Value of Their Wild Life and Fishery Resources (April, 1928)

Correspondence/ Personal Papers (one box)

Crimmins Writings (Articles, papers, etc.)

Adventures of Samuel A. Maverick, Jr.
American Powder's Part in Winning Texas Independence
"And They Shall Beat Their Swords into Ploughshares..."
An Historic Walk Along the San Antonio River
An Irish Pre-Pioneer of Texas
"Buck Shot" Roberts
Camp del Rio, Texas
Camp Rice, Texas
Captain James B. Gillet, the Valiat Texas Ranger
Captain Robert E. Lee Makes His Last Will...
Colonel Jared Ellison Groce, The Father of Texas Cotton
Colonel Martin Scott, 5th U.S. Infantry
Down the Long Canyon of the Rio Grande
El Paso and Vicinity in Early Days (73 pp.)
Fort Bliss, Texas
Fort Brown's History [newspaper article]
Fort Craig, New Mexico
Fort Cummings, New Mexico
Fort Inge
Fort Selden, New Mexico
General Albert J. Myer: The Father of the Signal Corps and the Founder of the U.S. Weather Bureau
General David E. Twiggs Treachery
General Makenzie and Fort Concho
General Randolph B. Marcy's Last Tour in Texas
General Robert E. Lee in Texas
General Worth died in San Antonio
H.M.S. Monarch Visits America
Honorable Colonel Charles Anderson Opposed Secession in San Antonio
How Lieutenant Adolphus W. Greely Brought Security to Texas
How Van Horn Texas Got Its Name
Juan Galvan: One of the Best Guides in South Texas
La Villita is the Saratoga of Texas Independence
La Villita Progress Report: Suggested Corrections
Leonard Waller Groce
Major General Wool's Army
Mayor Thielepape
More About the Execution of Thirty-Eight Sioux Indians in 1862
Nathan Mitchell - The Soldier and Pioneer
Noah Armstrong Heard Sam Houston Speak at Salado
Old Fort Duncan: A Frontier Post
Our Armed Services Families in Texas - the Wainwright Family [published]
Our Army Families - The Ords
Our Army in San Antonio
Recollections of the Old Medical Officers [published]
Sam Graham Got His Man
San Juan de Bautista del Rio Grande
Some of San Antonio's Landmarks [St. Mary's school mentioned]
Texans Who Made the Trail Famous
The Alamo's Last Defender: Major Robert Evans, Master of Ordnance
The Beecher's Island Fight
The Border Command - Fort Griffin, Texas [published]
The Early Years of the Nineteenth Century in San Antonio
The Eighth U.S. Infantry's Second Tour in Texas
The First American Book on Texas and Its Author
The First Line of Army Posts Established in West Texas in 1849
The First Municipality of Texas
The Last Fight on Texas Soil Between Apaches and Rangers
The Lure of the Guadalupes
The Old Town of Mesilla, the Former Capital of Arizona
The History of Mesilla Valley (26 pp.)
The Origin of Boerne, Kendall Co. Texas
The Pioneer Freighters
The Royal Blood of England in San Antonio Texas
The Stage Lines of the Southwest
Three Down and One To Go
Union Prisoners Surrender Near San Antonio - 1861
Verification of the Destruction of the Mission of San Antonio de Valero
Vulcan Stole a Ham farom George Washington's Kitchen
When France Took Mexico
When Henderson K. Yoakum Arrived at West Point
When the Camels Came to El Paso
When Villita Was First Planned
Woodfill, the Outstanding Hero of World War I
- 22 pages of a manuscript, no indication of the title
- a 3-page list of articles published in Frontier Times and The Army and Navy Courier [some in the above listing]


Fort Plans, Documents/ Military buildings

13 pages of notes (mostly handwritten) on various forts
Extracts on the history of Fort Bliss
Austin post - plan
Camp Lancaster - plan
Cantonment Burgwin - plan
Fort Brown - plan
Fort Chadbourne - plans
Fort Clark - plan
Fort Conrad - plan
Fort Davis - plan
Fort Defiance - plan
Fort Duncan - plan
Fort Filmore - plan
Fort Griffin - plan
Fort Inge - plan
Fort McIntosh - plan
Fort McKavett - plans
Fort Marcy - plan
Fort Mason - plan
Fort Massachusetts - plan
Fort Quitman - plan
Fort Richardson - plan
Fort Union - plan
Fort Webster - plan
Ringgold Barracks
Store sheds at Indianola; buildings at Brazos Santiago

Historical Documents

A list of historical materials deposited in the University of Texas Library
1737 - Guion historico sobre la fundacion del Presidio del Santisimo Sacramento (Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico - 1937)
1784-1785 - Register of the Army of the United States
1809 - Proceedings of a Board of Officers convened in San Antonio, April 4
1815 - Wm. Beaumont vs. Capt. G. H. Richards: Public Notice and letter of the Inspector General
1821 - Early German Immigration to Texas
1829 - Official Army Register
1830 - Official Army Register
1836 - Official Army Register
1837 - President Jackson sends Congress his correspondence with Santa Anna
1843 - Letter of Sam Houston to the Lipans
1846 - Official Army Register
1846 - Plan of Maj. General Wool's march into Mexico
1847 - Article (copy) from NEW YORK TRIBUNE (Feb. 1) on "Gag-Law for the Army"
1851 - Report of Capt. R. B. Marcy to Maj. Gen. R. Jones
1851 - United States Service Journal Vol. III, No.17 (Oct. 11)
1851-1853 - Indian depredations in the southwest
1853 - Letter from Governor Lane (New Mexico Territory)
1853 - Report on Fort Mason (Aug. 15)
1853 - Diary of D. S. Stanley: March from Fort Smith, Arkansas to San Diego
1854 - Personal long letter from Fort Davis, Texas (with some drawings)
1856 - Letter from Gen. Winfield Scott to Sec. of War Jefferson Davis
1856 - Letter from Jos. K. Memsfald to the Secretary of War (May 14) 1856 - Long report from Jos. K. Memsfald to Gen. W. Scott on Texas and southwest (Dec. 27)
1858 - Document re the court martial of Maj. Gen. David E. Twiggs (May 11)
1858 - Cost of transporting by Government wagons
1860 - Reports on the western fronts from Headquarters of the Army
1860 - Reports from San Antonio of combats of troops in Texas (Oct. 30)
1860 - pre-Civil War flareup in San Antonio
1861 - Report of B.H. Hill from Brownsville to Adjutant-General (Feb. 19)
1861 - First Hostile Action of the Civil War
1861 - W.F. Austin to Lt. Col. L.A. Thompson (May 7)
1861 - Excerpts and records of the Civil War in Texas
1861 - Letter of Officers vs. Gen. Twiggs (Sept. 27)
1861 - Recollections of the Twiggs Surrender
1862 - Letter of Gen. R.E. Lee to Gen. Louis Tiwgfall (Sept. 21)
1862 - Report of Lt. George Shoup on the expedition from Fort Union
1862 - First person narratives of the war in Texas
1862 - Letter of Major Gen. Benjamin Butler to the Secretary of War
1862 - Public notice of the CSA Quartermaster in Marshall, Texas (Sept. 9)
1863 - The Texas Rangers at Murfreesboro
1865 - Permission for Pvt. Newton C. Rose to return home (July 21)
1870 - Letters regarding military sites in Texas
1870 - Visit to the H.M.S. Monarch; pages from the ship's log; picture
1870 - Report on Barracks and Hospitals (December 5)
1871 - Extracts from Inspector General Marcy's Journal of an Inspection
1871 - Our Frontier from THE DAILY JOURNAL, Austin (May 17)
1872 - Letter of Lt. Gen P.H. Sheridan to Brig. Gen E. D. Townsend
1873 - Wilhelm, Thomas History of the Eighth U.S. Infantry
1875 - State of Missouri warrant for the arrest of Jesse James
1875 - State of Kansas warrant for the arrest of Jesse James
1875 - Report of a scout from Lt. J.L. Bullis on southwest Texas
1879 - Activity in west Texas
1880 - Report of Col. George Buell from Fort Stanton, N.M.
1885 - Report of Col. Bradley on Indian tribes in New Mexico
1886 - Refutation by Edward Hatch of the report on Indian losses in New Mexico
1886 - Report on the tornado which struck Cuero, Texas (Aug. 21)
1887 - Appointment of officials in New York; refusal to recognize Lenox Ave.
1887 - Founding of the Texas Historical and Landmarks Association
1890 - New fort in Kentucky to be named Fort Thomas
1898 - Report on the campaign in Cuba
1901 - The Balangiga Massacre
1915 - Memorandum on military conferences/instructions given in El Paso, Texas
1948 - Visit to the U.S.S. Bexar

Historical Documents - San Antonio

Inventory of the Dr. William G. Howard collection in the Alamo Museum
Inventory of historical plaques (35) in San Antonio
Landmarks of Old San Antonio
Letter from Mrs. Adina De Zavala on the preservation of the Alamo
Historical Military Data on San Antonio and Fort Sam Houston
English summary of the Founding of San Antonio de Bexar
The First Cabildo of San Antonio
Actions taken by the Capitular body
Cattle (around 1823)
Colonel Crockett
From the Diary of Dr. J. H. Bernard, Surgeon of Fannin's Command
Abstract from Almonte's Journal
Coffee at 3:00 a.m. in La Villita
Travis' Last Letter
Deaf Smith, the Hero
The Legal Status of the Alamo in 1849
Letter from E.B. Babbit to the Quartermaster General on army volunteers
Appointment of Thomas M Paschall as criminal court judge in San Antonio (1870)
1875 - documents on building a Quartermaster's Depot in San Antonio
1876 - Secretary of War Belknap's response to the previous letters
Market Street

Historical Memorabilia

Fort Davis, Texas - Concert, Sept. 13, 1881
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas - Reception for Generals Sherman and Sheridan (1882)
Fredericksburg - Centennial celebration program (1946)
Pennsylvania - Christmas card of the 6th Field Artillery
San Antonio - Advertisement for the San Antonio and San Diego Mail Line
San Antonio - Public Service (1943) and Open Forum (1941) tickets
San Antonio - Brooke Army Medical Center: two announcements


World and area maps (1941)
World and Presidents of Nations (1941)
World - Atlantic arena (1941)
Asia (Nat. Geograhic, 1933)
South Pacific and Asia
Africa (Nat. Geographic, 1935)
North America (1910)
United States
Atlantic City
Lincoln Forest, N.M.
Mexico, Central America, West Indies (Nat. Geographic, 1934)
South America (Nat. Geographic, 1921)
South America (1941)
Physical map of Ostalpen
Sonnblick and Umgebung (Germany)
Survey map of Alps and Middle Europe
Spain and Portugal (in four maps)
Newsmap magazine, Vol. VI, Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6

Newspaper Articles, Clippings

List of magazines, periodicals, articles
"Buck Looks Back on Active Career" (1949)
"Camels used at Fort Tejon..." (1949)
"Camphor developed from Texas cedars"
"Church plans centennial fete" (1952, Fredericksburg)
Civil war articles from New York Daily Times (April 2, 1864)
"Comal Springs' flow huge despite drought" (1952)
"Custer's Men Died without firing a shot"
Death of Gen. Beaumont B. Buck
Dobie, Frank - article on Road Runners (1941)
Dobie, Frank - "Much of South still living among memories of yesteryear"
"First Air Sortie Told" (1954)
"First Cavalry Association Opens San Antonio Meet"
"Fine Horsemanship Seen at Gymkhana" (El Paso, 1916)
"C.A. Goeth, 83, S.A. Water Head, Leader, Succumbs"
"Historic Documents Are Found in Capitol" (1903)
"Hospital C.O. Promoted to Brigadier General"
Hunt, Frazier - articles, letters, etc.
Hunt, Frazier - "Writer Belittles Danger of a U.S.-Russian War" (1948)
"Lost Manuscript of Famed Friar Ximenez Found in U.S."
"Miss McCormick Estate in Court"
"19th Century Paper Tells of City's Charms"
"Old Town of Marathon Had Men, Too" (1941)
"Pioneer History in Tapestry"
"Southwestern History Expert to Write Memoirs for School"
"Sportslights" (1951)
"Stefannson, Explorer, Makes Work his Hobby"
"Stroke of Gavel `Lost' Kefauver Veep Nomination"
"Teacher Caravan Visits Guerrero" (1941)


Animals: camel, dog, rattlesnakes
Battles: Reseca de la Palma (1846), Palo Alto (1846), Camp at Corpus Christi (1845), Death of Major Ringgold, Execution of 38 Sioux Indians (1862), Custer's Last Charge, 16th Infantry at San Juan Hill (1898)
Mexico: Miguel Hidalgo's "Grito"
Military installations: Camp Stanley, Fort Bliss, Fort Clark, Fort Davis, Fort Lancaster, Fort Sam Houston
Persons: M. Crimmins, James B. Gilett, Leonard Waller Groce and wife, B.J.D Irwin, Robert E. Lee, Plainsman (sketch), Elliot Roosevelt, Hugh Franklin Young, George Washington
Petroglyphs: 10 photos
Places: 5 pictures (incl. Army Medical Library)
The West: 5 pictures (army-Indian meeting; killed bear; railroad cars; pioneer freightmen)

Personal scrap book


Fort Plans

Border Commands (1922)
Borderland Forts
Fort Clark
Fort Concho
Fort Davis
Fort Elliot
Fort Griffin & Vicinity (1874)
Fort Griffin, buildings
Fort Sill
Fort Stockton

Photocopies of Muster Rolls (79 pp.)
- 4th Cavalry; 6th Infantry (1899 - one signed by Crimmins); 18th Infantry (1900)

Photographs and Pictures

Large pen sketch of early settlers and Indians
Large pen sketch of San Antonio in the early 19th century
Large pen sketch of the lynching of Bob Agustin
Large water color of the lynching of Bob Agustin (details different)
Pen sketch of the Lee-Johnson house in San Antonio
Harper's Weekly engraving of the surrender of General Twiggs in San Antonio
Marine Corps Gazette pictures:
     - U.S.S. Wasp vs. H.M.S. Reindeer (1814)
     - Marines battle Seminole Indians in Florida (1835-1842)
     - Marines protect Capt. Perry vs. hostile Africans (1843)
     - Marines help to apprehend seal poachers in the Bering Sea (1891)
     - Marines defend Peking legations during the Boxer War (1900)
     - Marines place U.S. flag on Iwo Jima (1945)
3 large photographs of Indian petroglyphs
Photo of Picaso mountain, N.M.
3 group photos taken in front of the Alamo
4 photos of the Rough Riders (different years); first has T.R. himself
Long photograph of Camp Bowie, Texas
Photo of a sectioned model of an early war ship

Newspaper articles, pages

Alamo Express - Colonel Anderson's Speech (Nov. 30, ?)
Aurora (Philadelphia) - May 3, 1813: organization of the U.S. army
The Boerne Star - August 25, 1949
The Boston Gazette - April 19, 1813 [with New York papers]
The Daily Citizen (Vicksburg, Miss.) July 2, 1863: Texas Rangers
The Dallas Morning News - photocopy page of Oct. 9, 1930 ("80 paper dollars for      a barrel of flour")
El Paso Daily Times - August, 1887 (one page)
Galveston Daily News - April 25, 1901, p. 6: picture of Thomas Crimmins; April      26, 1901: "New York Business Men Touring Texas"
Harper's Weekly - March 23, 1861: 3 pages on the surrender of General Twiggs
     - November 12, 1864: Sheridan's victory (1 page; pos. & neg. copies)
Houston Post - April 19, 1936: "The Twin Sisters" (on historic Texas cannon)
The International News Guide - November 20, 1941
Magazin Dominical de La Prensa - Dec. 6, 13, 20: "Aventuras en Texas"
The New York Daily Times - May 27, 1854: "Indian Troubles..Texan Frontier"
The New York Herald - July 19, 1857: article on Texas
San Antonio Express - November 18, 1868 (front page, photostat)
     - May 7, 1916 (one page, photostat: return of Daughters of Confed. flag)
     - December 30, 1928 (one page, photostat: old Polly home)
     - April 15, 1934 (one page, photostat: early San Antonio pictures)
Springfield Daily Union - September 22, 1875 (one page, photostat)
Victoria Advocate - September 23, 1875: "Indianola, Thursday's Storm"
no paper indicated:
     - Romance in Real Estate, by Clara Morris
     - Uncle Sam's Champion Thief-Catcher Becomes a Thief
     - Hunting for the Train Robbers' Buried Treasure

Maps of Texas

Map of the road from Real de Santa Margarita to "Mission" (crosses Coldorado, Brazos and Trinity rivers)
Map from Rio Grande to "Mission" (crosses Nueces, Medina and San Antonio rivers)
Map from Real de Santa Marguerita north
Map from Rio de los Franceses north
Mapa de la Provincia de Texas by Dn. Esteven Austin (1 large, 2 small positive; 2 negative)
Secion of the Menchaca map
Portion of Austin's map of Texas
Map of the Department of Texas (no date)
Map of Texas and the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico
Map of Texas published by J. A. James & Co., 1836
Map of the Texas region by F.B.E. Browne, 1857
Map of the Mesilla territory, disputed areas
Map showing the locality of El Paso
Map of army transportation routes in Texas
Four maps of Texas in four quarters
Map of Texas: physiographic diagram (no date)
Maps of Atacosa county; Crockett county (2); Edwards county; Goliad county; Jim Hogg county; McAllen county; Menard county; Pecos county; plat of Girvin, Pecos county; Real county; south Texas counties: Webb, Duval, Zapata; Terrell county (2); Val Verde county (2); Webb county; Wilson county.
Mirando oil district: Webb, Zapata & Jim Hogg counties

     (Kept in the map case in the Special Collections work room)

1. San Antonio and suburban areas (1951)
2. San Antonio and suburban areas (1951)
3. Projects for slum clearance and urban development, San Antonio (1951)      [vault]
4. Plat of the Fisher tract (Maverick county, 1932)
5. Blighted areas of San Antonio (no date)
6. Major street plan, San Antonio (1951)
7. Map of central business area, San Antonio (1951)
8. Off-street parking facilities, San Antonio (1951)
9. Railroads, San Antonio (1951)
10. Industrial areas, San Antonio, (1951)
11. Transit study, San Antonio (1951)
12. Transit study, San Antonio (1951)
13. Transit study, San Antonio (map X, 1951)
14. Water map, San Antonio (1951)
15. Sewer map, San Antonio (1951)
16. Juvenile delinquency correlated to playing areas, San Antonio (1950-51)
17. Park and playground facilities, San Antonio (1950)
18. Schools, colleges, school district boundries (1951)
19. Juvenile delinquency correlated to blighted areas (1950-51)
20. Clinic locations related to slum areas, San Antonio (1951)
21. Basic land use map, San Antonio (1950)
22. Blueprint map of Hallettsville, Texas (1949)
23. Map of Hallettsville, Texas
24. Map of storm sewer system, Hallettsville, Texas
25. Profiles of streets in Hallettsville, Texas
26. Profiles of streets in Hallettsville, Texas
27. Blueprint sewer map of Hallettsville, Texas (1949)
28. Blueprint profiles of streets in Hallesttsville, Texas (1949)
29. Blueprint of streets in Hallettsville, Texas (1949)
30. Blueprint profiles of streets in Hallettsville, Texas (1949)
31. Blueprints of profiles of streets in Hallettsville, Texas (1949)
32. 3 drawings of water improvement plans for Alamo Heights
33. 7 plat and building plans for 1133 E. Houston St., San Antonio
34. 2 drawings of water ;improvement plans, Natalia, Texas
35. Map of Texas showing all railroad facilities (no date)
36. Collection of Civil War Maps [vault]
37. 1850 census map, Texas
38. 1860 census map, Texas
39. 1870 census map, Texas
40. 1880 census map, Texas
41. 1890 census map, Texas
42. 1900 census map, Texas
43. 1910 census map, Texas
44. 1920 census map, Texas
45. Town of Terrill Hills, Texas (see 108)
46. The Metric System of Measurement
47. Plat of Bedell Moore lands, Quemado Valley, Maverick county (1932)
48. Quemado Valley development, Maverick county, Texass (1948)
49. Survey of Bedell Moore lands, Maverick county, Tx.
50. Map of Mexico, railroads highlighted (no date)
51. Map of the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico (1922)
52. Map of the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico (1922)
53. Map of the state of Coahuila, Mexico (1922)
54. Map of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico (1922)
55. 3 plans for a gas heating cottonseed sterilizer
56. Laredo, Texas (1889)
57. Blueprint for foundations of an unspecified building
58. 5 plans for storm water control in Alamo Heights (1958)
59. 2 plans for improvement of the San Antonio river, Block 12 (1939)
60. Plan for improvement of the San Antonio river, Block 16 (1939)
61. Plan for improvement of the San Antonio river, Block 13 (1939)
62. Plan for improvement of the San Antonio river, Block 15 (1939)
63. 3 plans for improvement of the San Antonio river, Block 11 (1939)
64. 5 plans for improvemnt of the San Antonio river, Blockd 11 (1939)
65. Map of the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico railway
66. 10 plans faor water improvement poroject, Natalia, Texas (1939)
67. 5 cross-section maps of trhe water improvement project, Natalia, Texas
68. 13 blueprints for water improvement project, Natalia, Texas [vault]
69. 52 Texaco Touring maps (states and cities) [vault]
70. 7 architect's plans for the Richter Bakery, San Antonio
71. 8 pages of the Alamo Heights paving project
72. 2 plans for paving of north Broadway, Alamo Heights
73. 2 plans for Alamo Heights water works system
74. Map of east San Antonio quadrangle
75. Terrain map - Fort Sam Houston and vicinity
76. Topographical map of east San Antonio area
77. Contour map of east San Antonio
78. Topography map of Terrill Hills
79. 3 blueprints for cantilever walk between Houston and Travis streets (S.A.)
80. Map of the city of Alamo Heights
81. Plan and profile of Broadway (Alamo Heights)
82. Plans for paving Broadway, Alamo Heights
83. 3 plans for drainage areas of Alamo Heights
84. Drainage area of Alamo Heights and vicinity
85. 6 plans for the street paving project of Alamo Heights
86. 9 blueprints for a building in Alamo Heights (West Side Bank?)
87. Plans for Presbyterian church in Del Rio, Texas [not Crimmins collection]
88. Plan-profile of Basden avenue, Alamo Heights
89. 2 plat mapsd of a sector of northeast San Antonio
90. Fort Ewell Creek Syphon, Natalia, Texas (see 103)
91. Cross cut survey of streets (see 92, 93)
92. Cross cut survey of streets
93. cross cut survey of streets
94. 5 maps of storm drainage for Alamo Heights
95. Survey drawing of the Fort Ewell syphon (see 90, 103)
96. Topographical map of Van Horn, Texas area
97. Cross-section of the Medina Dam
98. 2 plans for base of diversion dam, Natalia, Texas
99. Plans for proposed addition to the spillway of Medina dam
100. Plans for D-2 canal, Natalia, Texas (includes right-of-way purchase from James Heath)
101. Alamo Heights Water Works
102. Map of several northeast San Antonio townships
103. Fort Ewell Creek Syphon (see 90, 95)
104. Map (negative) of Crimmins-Young Expedition to Big Bend
106. Drawings of Aztec peregrinations, roads from Siguenza
107. Plans for pump house for subdivision water company, San Antonio
108. Map of the town of Terrill Hills, Texas (see 45)
109. Plan of Stoner System
110. Foundation plan for La Fitte & Co., San Antonio
111. 4 drawings of plans for storm drain improvement in Alamo Heights
112. Blueprint for Community Hall for Jefferson Methodist church, San Antonio [not from Crimmins collection]
113. 2 maps of Grid Zone "D", east and west San Antonio
114. Map of the Sierra Gorda, Mexico, about 1780 [under glass on S.C. table]
115. Map of army scout trip (1881)
116. Map of British and French possessions in North America (no year)
117. Map of North America "from the latest and best authorities" (1717)
118. Country explored and surveyed (southeast U.S.) 1850-1853
119. Blueprints for residence at202 Medford Drive, Bel Meda
120. Plat of blocks 3, 4 of Bedell moore lands, Quemado Valley, Maverick Co.
121. Plan of Brinkley Gardens, Brinkley, Townsite
122. Plat of the E. Kafuri lands, Maverick county
123. 3 building blueprints (no indication of what or where)
124. Right-of-way purchase from Jacob Biediger, Joseph Biediger and Jon Tondre
125. Right-of-way purchase from F. Keller and R. Tschirhart by Medina county
126. Right-of-way purchase for water improvement. Includes Rhein property (1939)
127. Map of east Texas (positive and negative copies)
128. 8 geological maps of the world
129. Bioclimatic maps of the Mediterranean and Near East
130. San Antonio de Bexar and its ancient wards
131. Engineering plans for a Gin Trash Inspection Machine
132. Surveys on the Concho river
133. Geological survey of part of Pecos county
134. Topographical map of Fort Davis area (see 139)
135. Survey of Fort Stockton quadrange of Pecos county
136. Texas-Oklahoma-New Mexico map
137. Topographical map of the Alpine, Texas area
138. Topographical map of the Alpine quadrangale, Texas
139. Topographical map of the Fort Davis area (see 134)
140. 5 blueprints for a fire station for Alamo Heights
141. Plat of College Park subdivision, Victoria, Texas
142. Comparative charts of water rates
143. Booklover's map of America
144. Surveyor's plans (no indication of place)
145. Soundings of the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston to the Rio Grande
146. Map of the frontier between Arkansas and New Mexico 1849-1852
147. 2 blueprints for unspecified building
148. Plans for 2 residences: Lot 9, block 2, Terrill Hills; 11 E. 73rd Street, N.Y.
149. Plans of the Shanefield warehouse (1949)
150. 2 blueprints of an unidentified building



Many other rare resources are contained in Special Collections at St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library. Contact the Library at 210/436-3441 or by email for specific inquiries.