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Frank X. Vance Collection


An extensive collection of materials on Henri Castro and his colonists. Includes 12 of the 27 shipping lists recorded by Henri Castro and copies of many of the Medina County Court records from 1844 to 1898. Named for the donors, Frank X. Vance and Dorothy Lobitz Vance of Castroville.

Individual files - brief biographical information

Subject files

American Council of Catholic Women
Art: “Bringing them home for Christmas”
Castroville: various articles about…
Castro colony: names, ships, histories
Castroville: History
Court Records
Correspondence: Mrs. Frank V. Vance; Publishers
County histories
Fort Parker
Hass files: Miscellaneous articles; notebook
Hondo Air Base
Land Survey: 1832
Lutheran Church
Medina County Road Law
Research : articles
Research: Catholic sources
Research: France
Research: Huth papers
Research: Jewish sources
Research: Rosenberg Library
Research: State Archives
St. Louis Church
San Antonio
Schiwetz, E.M.: Texas sources
Texas: Constitution, committees, financial compensation

Record Book
1. Primary sources - Henry Castro, etc. - where located
2. List - volumes - Texana in our collection
3. Documents with original signatures, notes & instruments
4. Index of H. E. Hass material
5. Pioneer families - Medina County

Notebook 3
Handwritten notes of various court cases

Notebook 4 (handwritten)
Reminiscenses of a Texas Missionary - Parisot
History of Catholic Church - Parisot (letter from Dubuis about Castroville)
Pioneers in sack cloth -Castañeda
Pamphlets of Lazarists - letters
Domenechs - Missionary Adventure
Olmstead grocery
Personal narrative - John Russel Bartlett
Texas in 1848 - Bracht (Viktor), translated from the German by Charles Schmidt
History of the German Settlement in Texas
Castro’s Colony - M.A. thesis, A. Goldthorp
State Archives information
100th anniversary 1846-1946, firs Presbyterian Church
Old and New San Fernando - Torrente
Presidios de Texas - Chabot
Vote (DLV) on Mex. attending Church from paper at Alamo
Southern Messenger - about Odin, Dubuis
Vote (DLV) Witte Museum
James Paul papers
Bishop Dubuis - L. V. Jacles
Notes from “The Anvil” in Castroville
Bexar Transcripts
Blessing cornerstone
Davis visit
Conversation at Witte Museum
“The Morning Star”, Texas newspaper
Church bells in Castroville
Random notes, Houston library
Medina Co. District Court files

Notebook 5
handwritten notes relating to Castroville taken from various publications

Notebook 6
same as above; Certificates issued by J. M. Carolon, Commissioner of Castro’s Colony
random notes: e.g. report of horses stolen by Indians, short biographical notes of settlers

Two-ring folder: 7
random notes from various sources, mainly books: some typed, some handwritten

Unpublished novel manuscript: “Land of Promise”

120 photographs, mainly of buildings, nature scenes (6 of people: owner of “Anvil Herald”, Carl Reidinger, Mrs. Carl Reidinger, Lucy Maverick & Mrs. R.J. Noonan, Ruth Lawler)


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