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Evaluating Information Sources

While evaluation of information is important regardless of the format (print, audio, video, electronic), it becomes even more critical when dealing with the quantity of information that can now be accessed electronically via the Internet's World Wide Web. Information that traditionally has been found in the library has undergone a process of evaluation by professionally trained librarians. However, the responsibility of evaluation shifts even more heavily to the user as information becomes more widely available via the Internet and is subjected to fewer review processes than other information sources often found in a library.

  • Criteria 
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  • Below are some criteria to consider in evaluating information, regardless of the format in which it appears: Additional criteria specific to the World Wide Web:
    Note: Some addresses or sites may not be accessible at all times due to Internet traffic, mechanical breakdowns, or relocation or removal of information.

    Further information about evaluating information:

    Meta-sites with academic subject directories:

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