This is a digitized version of a photocopy of the August, 1920, issue of the Old Spanish Trail Magazine. The original is held in the libraries of the University of Texas at Austin. The OST Association Archives' copy was made by the staff of the UT Libraries. It is reproduced with permission.

While the Old Spanish Trail Magazine was an "official" publication of the Old Spanish Trail Association, the magazine was no wholly-written by Harral Ayres and other employees of the Association. Freelance writers also contributed to the magazine.














"The Creed of the Trail" was the first page of the first issue of the magazine.


Page One was the cover of the magazine (previous web page)

Page Two: "The Creed of the Trail" (included on this page)

Page Three: Advertisement for Hot Wells Hotel and Bath House

Page Four: Advertisement for Nash South Texas Motors Co. in San Antonio, Texas

Page Five: Masthead (List of Officers and Councilors), editorials

Page Six: "A Land Without Ruins and poem by Father Abraham J. Ryan

Page Seven: West Texas Country and The Louisiana Country

Page Eight: The Arizona Trail: a Mine of Old History

Page Nine: The Most Splendid Highway in the Land

Page Ten: Along the Shores of the Gulf

Page Eleven: Mobile, Pride of the Old South

Page Twelve: El Paso, Mistress of Ancient History

Page Thirteen: The Alamo and the Old Missions of San Antonio

Page Fourteen: Old Spanish Trail, an Education by Harry Locke

Page Fifteen: Continuation from Page Fourteen

Page Sixteen: In the Footsteps of Padres and Conquistadors by Harral Ayres

Page Seventeen: Continues Page Sixteen

Page Eighteen: Preserving the Old Traditions

Page Nineteen: Founders of the Old Spanish Trail

Page Twenty: Trailmakers (little talks by the managing director)

Page Twenty-One: Various Advertisements

Page Twenty-Two: Advertisement for the Gunter Hotel

Page Twenty-Three: Various Advertisements (note Uvalde Asphalt Ad.)

Page Twenty-Four: Letters to the Association

Page Twenty-Five: Advertisement plus Call for Contributions to Magazine

Page Twenty-Six: Various Advertisements

Page Twenty-Seven: Road-Signing

Page Twenty-Eight: Advertisement for Grayburg Oil Co.