Traveling West on The Old Spanish Trail Highway

Texas:  From Houston to San Antonio


The route of OST from Houston to San Antonio is fairly clear.  Exiting the city on South Main, the driver continues down that road all the way to Sugarland and then on to Richmond and Rosenberg where it rejoins U.S. 90.  The route of U.S. 90 up to this point is north of this road which is marked as U.S. 90A (alternate).   OST and U.S. 90 are, in some parts of this route under IH-10, but the traveler should be aware of the various turn-offs from IH-10 as U.S. 90/OST continues to be functional roads connecting the towns along the road.  The Interstate Highway system was about getting people rapidly through states; the U.S. Highway system was about connecting communities (including small towns).

The 1926 Rand McNally maps shows U.S. 90 continuing from San Antonio southwest to Castroville, but the OST separates for hundreds of miles from U.S. 90 from San Antonio and follows the path designated by the government as U.S. 290.  Coming into San Antonio from Rosenberg, OST goes through Columbus (improved but not paved at the tinme the 1926 map was printed) and on to Gonzalez, Waelder, Seguin and into San Antonio as the Seguin Road.  The map below shows the route of the road through San Antonio.

OST comes in to San Antonio on the Seguin Road and turns south on New Braunfels before turning through the downtown area on Commerce Street.  It turns again onto Flores Street at what is now City Hall and where the second of three "zero" road markers is placed.

The first of the zero markers was in Saint Augustine.  The San Antonio marker is the second.  The third is in San Diego, California.  Not far from this zero marker is the Gunther Hotel.  That hotel served as the national headquarters for the Old Spanish Trail Highway Association headed by Harral Ayers.

Travelers need to make the turn onto Flores Street to head out of town and then onto Fredericksburg to leave San Antonio to the west.  Please do visit the website of the Old Spanish Trail Centennial Committee, a group that has been working extremely hard on achieving historical recognition and marking of the highway and restoration and beautification of the neighborhoods through which the highway passed in the San Antonio area.  Their website is one of the best available for learning more about the OST Highway.