Traveling West on The Old Spanish Trail Highway

Welcome to a trip in space and time on a highway that is now several highways and roads: the OST, Old U.S.-90, ALT U.S.-90, U.S. 290, U.S.-80, various state Highway 89s, U.S.-90, IH-10, Main Street and many others.  The original highway continues to exist in many locations but in others has either been paved over to make way for the subsequent roads or has dead-ended into rubbish heaps and grassy mounds.  But for many, many hundreds of miles, the original highway (sometimes expanded) remains the Main Street of the coastal South and the desert Southwest from Saint Augustine, Florida, to San Diego, California. 

Sometimes it's called Main Street, other times its Cervantes or Broadway or Claiborne, but wherever you drive on it, you bump into people who continue to refer to it as the Old Spanish Trail.  Let's start at the beginning, the far eastern section of the trail.   It was not the first place construction started but is the easternmost terminus of the highway.   We'll use our own pole markers copied from the ones used on the original highway.  Just click on the marker to move the next page