Traveling West on The Old Spanish Trail Highway

Florida:  Approaching Tallahassee and reaching the eastern border of the Florida Panhandle.[Part Two]

Approaching Tallahassee on the Old Spanish Trail, the path remains fairly simple.  U.S. 90 used the original roadbed of the Old Spanish Trail Highway, but widened and improved it, frequently just adding shoulders to the old roadbed.  There's a straight path all the way into Greenville, Florida, where U.S. 90 and the OST occupy the same roadbed, but OST continues to serve as a main street when the two roads get into town.  To stay on the OST, you need to make a slight right turn onto Grand Street about four miles west of town.  If you get to a cross street named Sandford, you know you've gone a bit too far west.  Once again, OST wants to stay fairly close to the railroad tracks.  Let me modify this by saying that Grand Street is more than likely the OST, but if you get through town on what is now US-90, you will come to an intersection with Old U.S. 90 and, since Old U.S. 90 is, usually, OST, that could be the case here.  But that seems unlikely since Grand Street parallels the highway and when it joins with Old U.S. 90, the two of them form Grand Avenue which continues west until the road intersects with U.S. 90 on the far west side of town.  Remember: the OST highway always wants to be the Main Street of the South and also wants to travel beside the railroad tracks.  That would be Grand Street leading to Grand Avenue and not U.S. 90 leading to Old U.S. 90 on the west side of town.   I was unable to discover which of the two routes is correctly OST with any kind of hard evidence.

West on Greenville, OST and US 90 are soulmates and travel together all the way through Monticello, Florida.  Then the road begins to move into Tallahassee, the State Capitol.  U.S. 90 and, perhaps, OST become Mahan Road and lead straight to the the Capitol Building.  But the original OST quite probably took a (now) more convulted route into Tallahassee.  At the moment this is speculation, but we have a request in to the Florida Department of Transportation and to the Florida State Library and Archives for contemporary maps of Tallahassee (ca. 1927) that should demonstrate the route concretely.  For now, the probability is that OST west, as it approaches Tallahassee, becomes W. Washington (just west of Monticello, Florida) and then becomes Old Lloyd Road into the suburb of Lloyd (once an independent town) before darting farther south as Capitola Road and then County Road 364 before it becomes the Old Saint Augustine Road and circles the State Capitol Building to go east as Tennessee Road.  Within a month, more concrete evidence of all this should be posted on this website.  Those government agencies in Florida (The Florida State Library and Archives, Florida Department of State, and the Florida Department of Transportation) are extremely helpful.

The next part of the road trip will take us out of Tallahassee and on to Pensacola.

This map is from the OST Highway Association Archives in Special Collections at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas.