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This is a collection you must read to see these two minds at work. Everyday language turns into high absurdity with the turning of a page. Ionesco blends with "Dear Abby" and the cassettes of Krapp's Last Tape.

This book, Interruptions,will have you laughing and maybe feeling very serious from page to page. If not, well, you've only invested $15, maybe enough for a couple of frappacinos.


The Worst Person in the World

Hi, I’m the worst person in the world. I like to play my accordion on
weeknights at one in the morning. Would you like to meet me? I can get to you
really quickly. I save time by running red lights and not brushing my teeth.
I’ll be mumbling at you soon. Could I borrow your book? I’ll return it,
I’m very good about that sort of thing. God, you need to chill, you know?
Have some of my Cheetos. Do I have Cheetos breath? You can tell me.


The Best Person in the World

Hi, I’m a robot but I understand feelings. Would you like a snack?
Clap your hands and I’ll produce candy. Or perhaps you would like me
to give you a touch-free massage. At the beach. Clap again.
Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are? And smart, too. In fact
I find that I have discovered an emotion, and it is love.

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